Grateful Dead 11/20/78
Cleveland Music Hall, Cleveland, OH
Source Summary
partial sets 1,2; revised source: MR> Cass Master> Lynxone 24 bit A/D converter> CD; seed via M. Mcleod; abupt cut in the end of Peggy-o; via P. Lucente to BUDD offer; upgrade in circulation
Grateful Dead
11-20-78 Cleveland Music Hall, Cleveland, Ohio

flaw note: there is an abupt cut in the end of Peggy-o
seed via Marshall Mcleod

1 disc

1st set partial
Must Have Been The Roses

2nd set partial
Jack a Roe
World To Give

321f526342eb5786e9a708f02cae72c9 *gd_11-20-78t01.shn
ae80efc59a2e9511d1e4f243b61112f9 *gd_11-20-78t02.shn
01b62abd45167fd906f8550552a59e7d *gd_11-20-78t03.shn
986210b59c5d86299edef7f8bbebf241 *gd_11-20-78t04.shn
eb1048e2768560dd0cf340b6abec4c03 *gd_11-20-78t05.shn
088eb21ecdd4f553040cb9cdf20cd243 *gd_11-20-78t06.shn
4968c8eb13078c4fa23a4de0d250c6ea *gd_11-20-78t07.shn
d02177961514c467589d47f18fa1f870 *gd_11-20-78t08.shn
f2e8d2055d8d3624ca29a2fc2d3d669e *gd_11-20-78t09.shn
a780f3d141d8e6fa66549354983b7c5e [shntool] gd_11-20-78t01.shn
bba6830710f3e6055b801bf44d71f96f [shntool] gd_11-20-78t02.shn
6ae4490c700b09969222993d3000cba9 [shntool] gd_11-20-78t03.shn
c24c83c119d8912df64a957388a898a1 [shntool] gd_11-20-78t04.shn
306cd71012dc6510d342cbee9a11ff35 [shntool] gd_11-20-78t05.shn
e0d7627a688c675d8121c849cab7a642 [shntool] gd_11-20-78t06.shn
e632fe98580de363db0724fa94daf450 [shntool] gd_11-20-78t07.shn
d1507d0c813eb7d79e39079f5436dcdd [shntool] gd_11-20-78t08.shn
a69c90d3520e1307524691f138026b80 [shntool] gd_11-20-78t09.shn

Other Sources (comments)
complete set 2; AUD,... (3) complete set 2; Master SBD... (0) Complete show. Set1: SBD>... (2) flac 16 ; Sick Bits Vol.... (0) flac16 ; Recording Info:... (1) flac16 ; Recording Info:... (0) flac16 ; Source: Unknown... (0) flac16/48kHz ; Source... (0) flac24 ; 2nd Set Source... (0)
Date User Comment
11/06/2002 Hamilton, Diana Someone feel free to email me the md5 file to post here, if you're sure you have this original shn set. Thanks!
05/15/2003 Aaron Rumack I received this SHN set from the original seeder(Paul) recently, supposedly the original seed for the BUDD vine, which could be a generation or two prior to this set.
07/14/2003 Hamilton, Greg & Diana OK, md5s are added here now thanks to Aaron!
07/25/2003 Aaron Note: This source also includes the Playin Reprise(not listed in text file after World to Give
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