Jason Mraz 01/30/05
LeStats Coffee House, Normal Heights(San Diego), CA
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AT831 > SP-SPSC-1 batt. box (w/ bass rolloff set @ 107 Hz) > Nomad Jukebox 3 (wav @ 44.1k)
Jason Mraz
LeStats Coffee House
Normal Heights (San Diego), CA
January 30, 2005

Taper: Tyler Huff (LJsurfer2002@yahoo.com)
Source: AT831 > SP-SPSC-1 batt. box (w/ bass rolloff set @ 107 Hz) > Nomad Jukebox 3 (wav @ 44.1k)

Transfer: NJ3 > USB > Sound Forge 6.0 > WAV > FLAC (flac frontend, compression level 6)


Disk 1
01 - Intro [01:08.11]
02 - Plain Jane * [04:19.46]
03 - 'Mr. Waiting' story[01:52.47]
04 - Mr. curiosity [04:51.34]
05 - Gypsy M.C. [06:33.02]

Disk 1 total: [18:44.65]


* best guess at the title. First live-show performance of this song.

The set was Jason Mraz solo acoustic.

This was billed as "Gregory Page's Premature Release" of his new CD, 'Sleeping Dogs'. Tristan Prettyman opened, and Jason Mraz was a suprise 'special guest' playing between Tristan's set and Gregory's set.
A possible new record number of people at lestats packed into the venue to see the show. There were easily 150+ people in a venue that usually holds 40 max. The initial setup wasn't the normal Lestats's layout: The front section was cleared out as a 'indian style sit on the floor' area,
and the remaining area was set up with rows of chairs. When the chairs and floor space filled up in the first 2 minutes, all while a line of fans still stretched around the block, all the chairs were removed to the back patio to make standing room for
all the fans to sqeeze in. Jason, Gregory and about 10 fans all made a 'human relay chain' to pass the chairs one at a time through the venue and the hallways of the back to the patio to make room for more fans to come in and hear the show.

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5a9844df9220ace7d4ca61a3c0020053 *jmraz2005-01-30d1t01.flac
ad545d41a6aba16cdd9725c8dc7a81b9 *jmraz2005-01-30d1t02.flac
4ac3e4d735c9c6d13180254bcef5dacc *jmraz2005-01-30d1t03.flac
d5cdfd8f5e779fa87cd1fbefa5f8dbfb *jmraz2005-01-30d1t04.flac
ea3e57fcdd49da03137b67035b34af65 *jmraz2005-01-30d1t05.flac

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