Jason Mraz 01/15/00
Alex's LRC, San Diego, CA
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Jason Mraz
Alex's LRC
San Diego, CA
January 15, 2000

Taper: Mr. headphones
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Disk 1
01 - Coffee Cup Song (To Candi and Shanna)


This is only 1 track of the 'Project Warmth' Living room concert put on by Alex Esther. Admission was providing a warm blanket or jacket. Candi and Shanna, friends of jason at the time, received the improv song 'the coffee cup song' sung to them during this LRC. The remaining portion of this LRC exists recorded on cassette somewhere in the world, but the people who have it have either lost it or something similar. It is not well known by even these people if they still have their copy of the tape. Regardless, this currently is the only song circulating from that LRC.

Support local music. Trade this show for free. Compiled (08/19/04)
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