Dispatch 05/07/00
Westminster School, Simsbury, CT
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Entered by Ryan Sinnwell
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Westminster School 5/7/2000
Simsbury, CT

Opening Band - unknown
1. Rage Against the Machine Intro
2. Cover This
3. What Do You Wanna Be
4. Here We Go
5. Open Up
6. Bullet Holes
7. Root Down
8. Bats in the Belfry
9. Drums
10. Bang Bang
11. Water Stop
12. Past The Falls
13. Questioned Apocalypse
14. Two Coins
15. Flying Horses
16. The General
17. What I Got (Sublime Cover)
18. Outloud
19. Stir It Up (Bob Marley Cover)
20. Get Up, Stand Up (Bob Marley Cover)
21. Three Little Birds (Bob Marley cover)
22. Stir It Up (Bob Marley Cover)
23. Even
24. Railway
25. Carry You
26. Hubs
27. For What It"s Worth (Buffalo Springfield Cover)
28. Hubs
29. Ohio (Neil Young Cover)
30. Bulls on Parade (Rage Against the Machine cover)
31. Mission
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