Pat McGee Band 02/16/99
TT Reynolds, Fairfax, VA
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Pat McGee Solo
T.T. Reynolds, Fairfax VA
February 16th, 1999

Disk I Set I
1 Intro           
2 Passion   
3 Haven't Seen For A While ->
4 Girl From Athens
5 Redemption Song
6 Rebecca
7 Flooding The Both of Us ->
8 Midnight Rider->
9 Flooding The Both of Us ->
10 Dear Prudence > Bird Song
11 Love The One You're With
12 Melissa
13 Blue Sky >
14 He's Gone >
15 Jack Straw >
16 Sympathy For The Devil >
17 Not Fade Away >      
18 Me & Julio Down By the Schoolyard

Disk II
1 Intro       
2 A Little Help From My Friends
3 Who Stole Her From Heaven
4 In Your Eyes
5 Jimi Thing
6 All Along the Watchtower
7 Pat Speak?. ? For The Tapers!?
8 Straight Curve
9 Southern Cross
10 Could Have Been A Song
11 The Story
~~Filler  1-29-99 Dickinson College~~    

12 She Talks to Angles (Pat & Jonathan)          

recorded & converted by Justin Carlson
SBD Mono->MD MZR50->CD

notes: first song is sort of trashed as I had SBD problems, that were quickly worked out.
This is one of my all time favorate shows. It was a lot of fun.
cb8ba37299feb02957a7f15c986b4a75 *PM1999-02-16D2T11.shn
cdd245dbbfb6dae71b97324116f8f4da *PM1999-02-16D2T10.shn
5aa89ad39064f5686b85dff0adf13eee *PM1999-02-16D2T9.shn
242a35701b64832be11c087e8ef6f2d8 *PM1999-02-16D2T8.shn
547b035970e12612f3ee1807de00d38d *PM1999-02-16D2T7.shn
b60b36203555bc7f2ae16e7bcae4c307 *PM1999-02-16D2T6.shn
918ccad7c3c126aa4de924ddcf15a17d *PM1999-02-16D2T5.shn
ec2102e5051ee5cc2b6b65e939e2bd02 *PM1999-02-16D2T4.shn
94e19dc50b3ee5a9bdea407168977433 *PM1999-02-16D2T3.shn
a816860d8d25d1762421cea5a297ee3f *PM1999-02-16D2T2.shn
6bafae7f15e1075c6e39f7bfd7dd743d *PM1999-02-16D2T1.shn
14aa8995b0a41e5f3abe6aed1314bd71 *PM1999-02-16D2T12.shn
e523ce86ccb4bf297031201a17afe302 *PM1999-02-16D1T18.shn
c408c0c25527604d1a2d47b4d5271106 *PM1999-02-16D1T17.shn
65ba0a1f2794feca2059d5eecf0ab767 *PM1999-02-16D1T16.shn
cf61599b5e8d24d694e1af26533ec163 *PM1999-02-16D1T15.shn
c99f15d3e764ed2586a47e5ce84b8136 *PM1999-02-16D1T14.shn
1fc5027f43bc8dd878c60eea91bd4d31 *PM1999-02-16D1T13.shn
2d3fcf8843a4167838a3492fc92467f7 *PM1999-02-16D1T12.shn
e471a0ca74881a6d3a7d749fe13b8374 *PM1999-02-16D1T11.shn
08c2b68430b173bc65154567cdcb4296 *PM1999-02-16D1T10.shn
698bb336dad07bf13cee10a99b65708a *PM1999-02-16D1T9.shn
0f030c504ad42302fb70ea0e21a3eba7 *PM1999-02-16D1T8.shn
21d69fa7fdd953156562fa34ee5c4b6b *PM1999-02-16D1T7.shn
bd6b1157399aff835208273b4b3b44cc *PM1999-02-16D1T6.shn
0b6367e46c66937e1d8cb694cdc39d15 *PM1999-02-16D1T5.shn
cd1df0d947a104c0b4f68a1a3bc65f63 *PM1999-02-16D1T4.shn
6499c144193187b82118289ed15efd0c *PM1999-02-16D1T3.shn
5289ecd87824ff3df7a340d737e550dd *PM1999-02-16D1T1.shn
d2c0906b267e22d5822fcf7203532065 *PM1999-02-16D1T2.shn

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