Bomb Squad 03/17/05
The Funk Box, Baltimore, MD
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SP-C4>PS-2>AD-20>NJB3 > NJB3>PC>SF-7>Wav>SHN
The Bomb Squad
The Funkbox
Baltimore, MD
March 17, 2005

Source: SP-C4>PS-2>AD-20>NJB3
Transfer: NJB3>PC>SF-7>Wav>SHN
Taper: Jeff Mewbourn (

1. Sophistafunk
2. Starbanger
3. Come By here
4. NYC Song
5. True Thang
6. Rise
7. Freak of Nature
8. Ready to Ride
9. Big Hot Money Spot
10. Gemini
11. Invincible#
12. Maybe
13. Hey Good Lookin'
14. What You See>
15. Band Intro>
16. Rip It Up

Line-up: The Bomb Squad>Bonerama
#First time played.
e61bc728c56c0222b484f3bafe5de190 *bombsquad2005-03-17t01.shn
d6cdfe98dba5e92807f56f0efb12b704 *bombsquad2005-03-17t02.shn
f9f47d5848841f6a5f5944cdd1bee098 *bombsquad2005-03-17t03.shn
2722ff4b91736743e2cd6db990d36e05 *bombsquad2005-03-17t04.shn
83d100cfea9cd8ea3f46b24955fd0613 *bombsquad2005-03-17t05.shn
f6b1eebfa0b208db4f7a77e026e36cc5 *bombsquad2005-03-17t06.shn
f4e015ff3ce24d428f500f0a00393b87 *bombsquad2005-03-17t07.shn
d4a240290459ac8aa3fb23da7a307825 *bombsquad2005-03-17t08.shn
6c2128ce1237a10d34264c92b9a4b325 *bombsquad2005-03-17t09.shn
026c55af6c576b81f123b906ab227426 *bombsquad2005-03-17t10.shn
275e8163f0a8cc1d9db0098f5e57c76d *bombsquad2005-03-17t11.shn
35f89c90961359db538049972518d602 *bombsquad2005-03-17t12.shn
854fc8646935a73fe6e7b1f1c421fc47 *bombsquad2005-03-17t13.shn
dcc7c97843f02089cc3b2c0a984a9313 *bombsquad2005-03-17t14.shn
8f05f84d249ecc56d6f17c91388ac689 *bombsquad2005-03-17t15.shn
ba17e4406e747527dbd4abf137d56965 *bombsquad2005-03-17t16.shn

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