Gavin Degraw 01/16/05
Brick Street Bar, Oxford, OH
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Entered by Mark Goldey
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Neumman km184's -> denecke PS-2 -> Sony D8 > Sony DB -> Aiwa XC-RW700
Gavin DeGraw
January 16, 2005
Brick Street Bar
Oxford, Ohio

Taper: Wes Ganobcik (
Source: Neumman km184's -> denecke PS-2 -> Sony D8

Conversion: Wes Ganobcik (
Equipment: Sony DB -> Aiwa XC-RW700



Disc One:

01: Intro
02: Just Friends
03: Crush
04: Follow Through
05: More Than Anyone
06: Over Rated
07: Full of Herself
08: Chemical Party
09: Belief
10: Meaning
11: Cop Stop
12: You Believe In Yesterday
13: Tracks Of My Tears
14: Nice To Meet You Anyway
15: I Don't Want To Be
16: Midnight Rider
17: Chariot


Compiled by Will Harrelson on March 08, 2005
3ce6197d0ed6e00c5ae7e071bde1a227 *gdegraw2005-01-16t01.flac
d8fb0c61ee20ed9505714a9d5d28b2f7 *gdegraw2005-01-16t02.flac
69db148e511f1864fbcabd458a15fccb *gdegraw2005-01-16t03.flac
996976eb75751d648701f86eadc7e731 *gdegraw2005-01-16t04.flac
48a4b5dfa6f91a2d0105a417e128b25d *gdegraw2005-01-16t05.flac
8f27c0a65371a5db5a5040924d3c9fa8 *gdegraw2005-01-16t06.flac
55775d728ef687f8b66e9709814df8ca *gdegraw2005-01-16t07.flac
c7e34d19b8a3ff363f3b7a0fe0733dee *gdegraw2005-01-16t08.flac
513df5634d5281723e464bc6760cfa73 *gdegraw2005-01-16t09.flac
a4827aa869da758b3e2f46c3ddf01a10 *gdegraw2005-01-16t10.flac
7e1f2cd3835eb082159e45cb831c4701 *gdegraw2005-01-16t11.flac
2df107264a30ba0769ba1db11dd6f6ae *gdegraw2005-01-16t12.flac
0a70ebd60c0b298a4b93550a354713fd *gdegraw2005-01-16t13.flac
a96d47b042a4600eacbf1b6d5307c8f8 *gdegraw2005-01-16t14.flac
bc9f524e7525751c859b48ec3aa60f28 *gdegraw2005-01-16t15.flac
299ccf41e80ff656a24b5d31aaea6df2 *gdegraw2005-01-16t16.flac
8ec50a1786eaaaa3627a722d30786a98 *gdegraw2005-01-16t17.flac

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