Smiling Assassins 03/11/03
Georgia Theater, Athens, GA
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Neumann KM-184 (ortf)> Lunatec V2> Graham-Patten ADC-20 Transfer: Tascam DA-P1> S/PDIF> Ego-Sys U2A> Cool Edit Pro> CDWave> mkwACT
Smiling Assassins - 3/11/03
Georgia Theatre - Athens, GA

Disc One:

01) Smiling Assassin
02) Smoking Factory
03) And You Wonder Why
04) Hell For Horses
05) I Feel Alright
06) Mountain Hideaway
07) Let It All Go*
08) Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere*
09) Don't Look Down
10) If Down Was Up**
11) Jumper On The Line**
12) Key To The Highway**
13) {Fade Track}

Disc Two:

01) {Fade Track}
02) Nobody But You
03) II:) Mrs. Brown
04) Run You Down
05) Daisy Mae
06) (I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone
07) Junker's Blues
08) The True Blood Assembly Of Ravensville
09) {Fade Track}

Disc Three:

01) {Fade Track}
02) The Way You Make Me Feel**
03) Annie Stay
04) My Mind Is Ramblin'
05) Let My Baby Ride
06) I'm Leavin' You Baby
07) Gimme Some Lovin'

*  w/ John Keane - pedal steel
** w/ Kenny Brown Band (Kenny Brown-guitar, Cedric Burnside-drums, Takeeshi Imura-bass)

{Remove Fade Tracks to reassemble seamlessly for longer media}

Source: Neumann KM-184 (ortf)> Lunatec V2> Graham-Patten ADC-20

Transfer: Tascam DA-P1> S/PDIF> Ego-Sys U2A> Cool Edit Pro> CDWave> mkwACT

Proper sector boundaries verified w/ shntool

Taped and transferred by Sloan Simpson
6e4045b9c4b8383fd28601a067c68923 *SA2003-03-11D1T04.shn
07ccf04ca43be85cba6ec9a8d0144196 *SA2003-03-11D1T05.shn
69997c85f6be8c241db45ff19ade68f2 *SA2003-03-11D1T06.shn
12382afb1d769a14d02eda94f969330b *SA2003-03-11D1T07.shn
77887e2438b88cf4d3d2b80a99c3661c *SA2003-03-11D1T08.shn
3c2f63fc6a3b12d42136de11bb6e1779 *SA2003-03-11D1T09.shn
6b3eef38200b7e5ac01d42f106c599c9 *SA2003-03-11D1T10.shn
a63c05cb38eda24d512ada47b95926e2 *SA2003-03-11D1T11.shn
ff29fe69af6c72509ac6b7d01d70ab4b *SA2003-03-11D1T12.shn
6cadc6003bb42eb3aa0253e9593c529c *SA2003-03-11D1T13.shn
b87d906820564c7a8cc4f56baf643f02 *SA2003-03-11D2T01.shn
8cf340b964e9637a0f1d7fc81a58a192 *SA2003-03-11D2T02.shn
d4548c1306b454b15a8f2b7f5e197abd *SA2003-03-11D2T03.shn
6ce4174559cc8764c36861a3308cd17c *SA2003-03-11D2T04.shn
b8fb80d5942a9134a6b4be88e630fcda *SA2003-03-11D2T05.shn
ca29a4b15faa00eaa57b7ba9d7d4dd1b *SA2003-03-11D2T06.shn
b7a481f9d5e71b698c7205d1af345296 *SA2003-03-11D2T07.shn
6b95f88b283b35945b220383eae28829 *SA2003-03-11D2T08.shn
4fee5151b17583dce621ec28a4385e73 *SA2003-03-11D2T09.shn
3795910ad7596d465faa5ea481c0daeb *SA2003-03-11D3T01.shn
b535a8ea19fd35f8ae88675ad6c2f9f9 *SA2003-03-11D3T02.shn
659812817970fef1e85a753982dd1c32 *SA2003-03-11D3T03.shn
4b7ef871a4c8053ec55d5887aa2155b0 *SA2003-03-11D3T04.shn
83cfe2941cb2174a044386b3b610e7b6 *SA2003-03-11D3T05.shn
2440591ac45751753c3a5af6ca676990 *SA2003-03-11D3T06.shn
b3d46eb8964b4aae5d51c5de861ddb78 *SA2003-03-11D3T07.shn
226620b5b2d50249b31e2d059a26e30b *SA2003-03-11D1T01.shn
9ab147dd5cc915ffe2eec2812ff13fbe *SA2003-03-11D1T02.shn
634386cbfb888c9a1442146fb5838376 *SA2003-03-11D1T03.shn

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