Garcia 03/08/80
The Stone, San Francisco, CA
Source # 4428
Entered by Hamilton, Greg & Diana
Checksums d1 , d2
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Jerry Garcia Band: Possibly a SBD-AUD matrix mix, but uncertain (could be FOB). AUD (DAT: MAC>D). De-noised in CoolEdit 96 > CDWav. Some digi-noise in d2t1; mastered by Evan Levy from Mike Lai seed
Jerry Garcia Band
The Stone, San Francisco, CA  

The DAT appears to possibly be a SBD-AUD matrix mix, but I'm not for sure.
Recordings: AUD (DAT: MAC>D)

De-noised in CoolEdit 96
Re-tracked in CDWAV

Disc 1:
(set 1)
01 Sugaree
02 That's What Love Will Make You Do
03 Simple Twist Of Fate
04 Tore Up Over You

Disc 2:
(set 2)
01 I'll Take A Melody
02 How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You
03 After Midnight >
04 Eleanor Rigby Jam >
05 After Midnight
06 When I Paint My Masterpiece >
07 Midnight Moonlight  

Notes: Some digi-noise in I'll Take A Melody
f9ead53874d6af2fc35833fb2bc07b72 *jgb80-03-08d1t01.shn
580eaced5796ad3d2f5de5e28d80908e *jgb80-03-08d1t02.shn
2452de4b17f832089d444bd64678731d *jgb80-03-08d1t03.shn
f39fbf0e2ef5bf44a6efc0a32daf948a *jgb80-03-08d1t04.shn
6295e4cb44ea8451d1d46d9e911381b6 *jgb80-03-08d2t01.shn
ea2375e6cf57b8f7ec4c47f5cf93e5b9 *jgb80-03-08d2t02.shn
78eb1c86b2849a5e696d07fc3e265160 *jgb80-03-08d2t03.shn
b9c57816b9d4c9d083ebfd1ffb02067f *jgb80-03-08d2t04.shn
1814e3de29eb8c830faa36d45283935f *jgb80-03-08d2t05.shn
8afaa8fe84af379bd887c46300d9e5e5 *jgb80-03-08d2t06.shn
ee9de6c5fb221899ace42c07c972f739 *jgb80-03-08d2t07.shn

Other Sources (comments)
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Date User Comment
10/28/2002 GDLIVE http download
from gdlive jgb80-03-08.shnf

06/17/2003 jb This is not a matrix. Read the text for the previous night:
That is exactly how this night sounds, and I wouldn't be surprised for a second if this is from the same source/taper.
06/17/2003 Joe Jupille I agree that this is not a Matrix. I thin it's a great aud. But it wasn't taped by John Angus and Scott Hart, nor by Eldon Porray (taper of 2/2/80), nor by any of the other known tapers from that era, as far as I know. I would love to find out who did tape it, so we can get a clean transfer, because it is an amazing show!
08/06/2003 Aaron Matrix or no matrix, this is one hot show.
08/19/2003 There is just no stoppin' this Rigby > After Midnight > Rigby!
08/20/2003 Mark Goldey I don't have this seed, but there is an excellent AUD recording (that's been circulated for a long time) that could be mistaken for a matrix. This is probably another transfer of it. BTW, it's After Midnight > Eleanor Rigby > After Midnight.
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