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this show is also traded under the title of "jorma kaukonen and michael falzanaro"
Jorma Kaukonen and Michael Falzarano
Navy Pier (late show)
Chicago , IL


1)      Vampire Women
2)      Walkin' Blues
2)      Brand New Toy
3)      Blue Moon Of Kentucky
4)      Bank Robber
5)      Keep Your Lamps Trimmed And Burning
6)      How Long Blues
7)      Never Happen No More
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d6c2ec71efae815282af011e41a4059c *Jorma 91-5-26 T2.shn
2447559921ffcb070b5c6a583663de1b *Jorma 91-5-26 T3.shn
510c2ba3f1a0cd1935163b5f46728102 *Jorma 91-5-26 T4.shn
86c9894e1509caee8b42d6ef897f29df *Jorma 91-5-26 T5.shn
ed34c04da6d57e84d9ba33f38fdef7a8 *Jorma 91-5-26 T6.shn
41a1e7b803a5c4fb78a2f00351208c84 *Jorma 91-5-26 T7.shn
8c61cc3f3458dd907762f9b16e302617 *Jorma 91-5-26 T1.shn

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