Percy Hill 06/04/05
The Stone Church, Newmarket, NH
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Studio Projects LSD2 (cards XY)>Bumblebee MiAGi II>Edirol UA-5 (Oade T Plus mod )>Nomad JB3 (optical in) .wav @ 44.1 > JB3>firewire>pc>CD Wave> Flac Frontend 1.7.1
Percy Hill
The Stone Church (outside)
Newmarket NH

Source: Studio Projects LSD2(Cards X/Y 90*)>Bumblebee MiAGi II>Edirol UA-5(Oade T-mod plus)>Nomad JB3 .wav @ 44.1

Transfer: JB3>firewire>pc>CD Wave> Flac Frontend 1.7.1

Taped and Transfered by Jason Adler Jason at Galactic-Trading dot com

Disc 1
1. >
2. Slave Self Promoted
3. Beneath The Cover
4. St. Lucillia
5. Spirt of Air
6. Sun Machine

Disc 2
1. Ammonium Maze
2. Shining on Creation
3. Chrissy Reid
4. Been So Long*

* Power lost, percussion jam

6d1dd4a4ec9075f1403c79223e0ad4c7 *PercyHill2005-06-04D1T01.flac
4273d51e38eea2bc5214d2f4e0109af5 *PercyHill2005-06-04D1T02.flac
7bbb28c584f5639e089be3c074fa8779 *PercyHill2005-06-04D1T03.flac
5e6731e79cd04c2d7c43dd5b1e00216c *PercyHill2005-06-04D1T04.flac
8217aba077d60e9cb0ab133dea88e622 *PercyHill2005-06-04D1T05.flac
623dc2611d0bb5ef74288673650ca0b5 *PercyHill2005-06-04D1T06.flac
972daedd8df17560d8f59d998065db4e *PercyHill2005-06-04D2T01.flac
27b5ca2f2661b6d4a25c97660d97516e *PercyHill2005-06-04D2T02.flac
656d1be7f5271e4f0b137ec40698bdcc *PercyHill2005-06-04D2T03.flac
c8de78103ba398f6df2b49372eb08572 *PercyHill2005-06-04D2T04.flac

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