Keller Williams Incident 08/12/00
Berkshire Mountain Music Festival, Great Barrington, MA
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JonO's master DAT DSBD clone > SonyR500; Conversion: DA-P1 > Delta Dio2496 > CDWave > mkwACT > .shn
String Cheese Incident w/ Keller Williams
Berkshire Mtn. Music Festival
Great Barrington, MA

Source: JonO's master dat DSBD clone > SonyR500
Conversion: DA-P1 > Delta Dio2496 > CDWave > mkwACT > shn

(no problems at all with the sound of this recording)

t01    Thin mint >
t02    Kiwi and the Apricot* >
t03    Bounty Hunter** >
t04    Breathe
t05    Rockumal >
t06    Stupid Questions
t07    Revelation
t08    Kidney in a Cooler >
          Deep Elem Blues >
          Kidney in a Cooler,
t09    Franklin's Tower >
t10    Best Feeling >
t11    Chillin' like a Villain
t12     Vacate

Entire set with Keller Williams on vocals and guitar.
* Keller Williams only
** Keller Williams and Nershi only
26363447314cefd2a8c43ecc5cb73189 *sci2000-08-12dsbdt12.shn
04985f0e45db23079a70b13ecc4b0aeb *sci2000-08-12dsbdt02.shn
9ac3dc32da82da5f56ed984b11407c0d *sci2000-08-12dsbdt03.shn
ca353588790fe7ebc587e469c152d472 *sci2000-08-12dsbdt04.shn
23dfae58f76198f18b044a0bbfc9d426 *sci2000-08-12dsbdt05.shn
cc1600d4a727b5a5db119ff0c0cb7221 *sci2000-08-12dsbdt06.shn
12bf593223727de841f3138929fae975 *sci2000-08-12dsbdt07.shn
445b352860a45b66a5abf383c52edc99 *sci2000-08-12dsbdt08.shn
4d263c9e0b3fbaf128a2c6d3eef0aa56 *sci2000-08-12dsbdt09.shn
11593ffe5c29206ffa756dc01c20ae50 *sci2000-08-12dsbdt10.shn
3787aab8c0f7d9325a4ab77db5902d77 *sci2000-08-12dsbdt11.shn
20820dcc99ba545f10efc07ab2c7a9ab *sci2000-08-12dsbdt01.shn

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