Keller Williams Incident 07/13/00
Music Millenium In-Store, Portland, OR
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Entered by Brad Leblanc
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JonO's master DAT DSBD clone > SonyR500; Conversion: DA-P1 > Delta Dio2496 > CDWave > mkwACT > .shn
String Cheese Incident / Keller Williams Incident  
Millenium In-Store
Portland, OR

Source: JonO's master dat DSBD clone> SonyR500
Conversion: DA-P1 > Delta Dio2496 > CDWave > mkwACT > shn

(no problems at all with the sound of this recording)

d1t01    tuning/stage banter (can be left out if you dont want it)
d1t02   Callalloo and Red Snapper
d1t03   Best Feeling >
d1t04   Chillin' like a Villian
d1t05   Stupid Questions
d1t06   Revelation
d1t07   Vacate
d1t08   Franklin's Tower >
d1t09   Breathe  

t01 is an intro/stage banter and can be left in for continuity
or after conversion to wav, can be deleted if you prefer. md5 includes t01 intro
fc0e9a28b257a028278a28a3a9e36d7c *sci2000-07-13dsbdt02.shn
b6df1a8d33bb2c1c3f49f8b17c440d88 *sci2000-07-13dsbdt01.shn
f75e31cf6cc839ed45d83054cc1a1915 *sci2000-07-13dsbdt03.shn
86f5fb49e7bd4bea95aa82b141b6ca93 *sci2000-07-13dsbdt04.shn
45056fe2512148da6bf64886d472e48e *sci2000-07-13dsbdt05.shn
1c8f09d39e3a058f4d8fa50a30f671d5 *sci2000-07-13dsbdt06.shn
a1fcfb18b9b85e37a377148386181f44 *sci2000-07-13dsbdt07.shn
3a98557da45abbd3a3a19a6061d8cad9 *sci2000-07-13dsbdt08.shn
ec20b37214dea47c8bcd316df05fa53a *sci2000-07-13dsbdt09.shn

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