Grand Theft Bus 11/12/05
Mavericks, Ottawa, ON
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Entered by Mark Goldey
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matched Oktava MC-012 (cardioid,-10db) > Behringer UB1002 > Creative Nomad JB3 (WAV,44.1kHz,-5db) > Creative Nomad JB3 > SB1394 > CDWav > Shorten-3.5.1
Grand Theft Bus
Saturday, Nov. 12, 2005
Mavericks, Ottawa, ON

Source: matched Oktava MC-012 (cardioid,-10db) > Behringer UB1002 > Creative Nomad JB3 (WAV,44.1kHz,-5db)
Transfer: Creative Nomad JB3 > SB1394 > CDWav > Shorten-3.5.1

d1t01 Birth of Confusion
d1t02 Corbin Bernsen
d1t03 Student
d1t04 Methuo
d1t05 Plastic
d1t06 Halfway
d1t07 banter
d1t08 Room In Your Brain
d1t09 Wide Awake >
d1t10 Makes Me Free
d1t11 Lake Wallow >
d1t12 Bones
d1t13 Silence
d1t14 Automatic
d2t01 Street Sleeper
d2t02 Don't Go Say That
d2t03 Now It Seems To Die >
d2t04 I Guess Not I Guess
d2t05 banter
d2t06 Leader
d2t07 Annoying And Blue >
d2t08 Insane Man's Mind >
d2t09 OMA
d2t10 Stretch
d2t11 call for encore
d2t12 Boltneck

1. Set I is d1t01 - d1t12. Set II is d1t13 - d2t11. The encore is d2t12.
2. The mics were clamped in a "V", about 7' off the floor, about 15' from the centre of the stage, pointed at the mid-right and mid-left sides of the stage.

Taped and transferred by BradM (
9b122ec8b9fe05972db9b52e8458c694 *gtb2005-11-12d1t01.shn
e633fff2641cb28a8aebec9750e47b90 *gtb2005-11-12d1t02.shn
52b614ce7729ca1c15773a5b6237ab5f *gtb2005-11-12d1t03.shn
9b603dfafc441734a5c18c2e2169ecc7 *gtb2005-11-12d1t04.shn
a49d826c3132e7de4c334e8c195ef12f *gtb2005-11-12d1t05.shn
efd0ee4f48d7214cc544a9c0cadc538f *gtb2005-11-12d1t06.shn
41ecfff4080cda9fe0aa3e40dbbbb9c3 *gtb2005-11-12d1t07.shn
a13880b99c87315ab6b6b78cb025c10c *gtb2005-11-12d1t08.shn
9372ae59f07ef8f51dfc6f602a600eae *gtb2005-11-12d1t09.shn
958f753120ffc6730e3d1c735b8c0363 *gtb2005-11-12d1t10.shn
b52c39283866739a4bea1888a2b1054c *gtb2005-11-12d1t11.shn
ada7965a041f65d247239f0794748b84 *gtb2005-11-12d1t12.shn
bfd1e8f4f6523cb80387be39850476f6 *gtb2005-11-12d1t13.shn
3a7f119e3a9af4240cf276ddb15a3fe5 *gtb2005-11-12d1t14.shn
398aa7a5d568cfdbf23a23d5997cae81 *gtb2005-11-12d2t01.shn
b10b38bf57b3680cf0c63c319da402b4 *gtb2005-11-12d2t02.shn
c8c341f4c96aa5675e21815d5a98b4ba *gtb2005-11-12d2t03.shn
34aeb57800fa7e886407dc800db50d05 *gtb2005-11-12d2t04.shn
ce1d3076b08e0958f0d91efb4c6c7420 *gtb2005-11-12d2t05.shn
308e251d8c3cabad5a93396283d3faa2 *gtb2005-11-12d2t06.shn
6794636aa832e8ae095ab6b79f034e4a *gtb2005-11-12d2t07.shn
707f325a6d397b1f8f1fe84095957626 *gtb2005-11-12d2t08.shn
2e39b33bd4477139f1bcc4dc2f11a40c *gtb2005-11-12d2t09.shn
51732c3d80d65949c7c6375295cbcbbe *gtb2005-11-12d2t10.shn
6dc5a75f5706d9d0b1b3ad5f4a69c042 *gtb2005-11-12d2t11.shn
56688a8b6ef16747370df9a7678aed07 *gtb2005-11-12d2t12.shn

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