Bob Schneider & Mitch Watkins 08/05/00
Cactus Cafe, Austin, TX
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SP-CMC-2 -> SP-SPSB-2 -> D7 > D7 -> Audiophile 2496 -> SoundForge 5.0* -> WAV -> CDWave -> MKWAct
Bob Schneider and Mitch Watkins
August 05, 2000
Cactus Cafe
Austin, TX


Taper : Brian Rose (pnkfloydlunatic at hotmail dot com)
Source     : SP-CMC-2 -> SP-SPSB-2 -> D7

Conversion  : Brian Rose
Equipment  : D7 -> Audiophile 2496 -> SoundForge 5.0* -> WAV -> CDWave -> MKWAct
     Seek tables appended.  

* see notes below

Disc 1
01. Audience -> Frisco
02. Horses and Ponies
03. Angling Towards The Light
04. 1000lb Crown
05. Long Black Road
06. Chatter - "When I first Got To Austin"
07. Losing You
08. Spacesuit
09. Moon Song
10. Metal and Steel
11. The Day The Devil Died
12. Sideshow Tornado
13. Lorena
14. Things My Head Heard
15. Johnsberg, Illinois*
16. Round and Round

Disc 2
01. Daniel Boones Room
02. 2002
03. Blue
04. Corn Flakes and Sodium Pentethol
05. Brand New Life
06. You Don't Know Me+
07. World Exploded Into Love
08. Heavy
09. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
10. Jingy
11. The Sky Is Blue
12. Castle Of Elisa
13. Wish ^
14. Chatter - "Theory on Songs"
15. Orlando
16. Big Blue Sea
17. Chatter - "Nicest Audience Ever, And I Mean It!"
18. Hearts Got A Hole In It

* Tom Waits cover
+ Ray Charles cover

^ I think this is where I dropped the DAT.  See NOTES below

Notes - (Today is 10-22-2003)
- This was the 3rd show I ever taped, back in my crazy days, when I was going to see Bob
  everytime he played.  The mics were stealth, before I was allowed to tape.  They were attached
  to my belt loops.  I had NO clue what I was doing.  I hadn't met Mike yet to gain all his wisdom.
  So, any limitations in this taping are my fault, but not my fault :).  I don't have any information
  about this recording.  I know that I only had the mics listed above, so it had to be recorded
  using those.  I do have a note I found that says "32khz?" - so this MAY have been recorded
  at that sampling rate.  I have the raw dump on another disc, but I found these discs and used
  EAC to extract them since I didn't want to go through CDWave, etc and cut up the tracks.

- Remember I said this was my third ever taping!!  So, I had to piss so badly that I TRIED to undo
  the mics and put them on my chair so I could go use the bathroom.  Well, I dropped the whole DAT,
  made a loud sound in the quiet room.  And I was supposed to be stealthing.  I am smooth.  So,
  I think Milkmaid and Sailor Sea were played I cut them out of this recording.  Keep in mind, this was
  a LONG time ago, so I am going off of memory and the setlist I grabbed from that night.

- * I think there was some normalization done to it, probably using Soundforge 5.0.  I am not sure.

- Only recording of Bob at Cactus Cafe that I know of.

- I am not EQing this.  I don't have the desire or the time.  I think it sounds fine as is.

- Show has almost no Bob chatter

988313e92ee9e84a47d144cf9460ad5e *bobsch2000-08-05d1t04.shn
4343e24f25db6b9d5c2209970074e3ac *bobsch2000-08-05d1t02.shn
515eb4270096a7d931e8766b4d75f95e *bobsch2000-08-05d1t03.shn
b010a80b0b2c34b472ad6637dba129e3 *bobsch2000-05-08d1t01.shn
b811c36be702c318f702653dfec89643 *bobsch2000-08-05d1t05.shn
bffd4601bc33173890ef11725ef411ba *bobsch2000-08-05d1t06.shn
80b4927357d44a99746b8e81c23e86d5 *bobsch2000-08-05d1t07.shn
6d299c7d19f57bd9575eb4638895205e *bobsch2000-08-05d1t08.shn
9680ab26f4ad09520f3071a909f4b7c8 *bobsch2000-08-05d1t09.shn
df74ec17a1d011b9819e2d54a6e1199f *bobsch2000-08-05d1t10.shn
f4bb51cd126115faa228f7e428958a63 *bobsch2000-08-05d1t11.shn
a4f7e9a02b67902a760528e679f54f55 *bobsch2000-08-05d1t12.shn
0c52b97ea92e5a5c1e1d69ca52cafac2 *bobsch2000-08-05d1t13.shn
cbc190d52f25565eba75227bcb1d0b2a *bobsch2000-08-05d1t14.shn
6032de38ec016e16258239d09d28fbca *bobsch2000-08-05d1t15.shn
de804c42a74f2fd894a51a971f7815d3 *bobsch2000-08-05d1t16.shn
3a04487697000b196cd93ad74763e96c *bobsch2000-08-05d2t18.shn
c2a16cbf0cf04245970b85bd762b6c98 *bobsch2000-08-05d2t02.shn
04ad2390731bf6edd88aea851b7c508f *bobsch2000-08-05d2t03.shn
8fb945c5c3b301bad33c0a78ff57047d *bobsch2000-08-05d2t04.shn
9266ad7d1bcb3c29f920639d5b120cc2 *bobsch2000-08-05d2t05.shn
26907458fe56fd403016f7813264f06d *bobsch2000-08-05d2t06.shn
73bc9ce401179342e0b7c3ec37ff1758 *bobsch2000-08-05d2t07.shn
41c1a463aaf6c86ac79c3a48df98ad17 *bobsch2000-08-05d2t08.shn
e560dc2a01fcd5daf95a88f6d403e0d6 *bobsch2000-08-05d2t09.shn
56e3aadd94dfaae1ed59dbdfe8eb21eb *bobsch2000-08-05d2t10.shn
23721e4c5f5b3bc69f893c37543faf31 *bobsch2000-08-05d2t11.shn
a0375dc043f71da3359c232e30133ce0 *bobsch2000-08-05d2t12.shn
20d230fce36cd2e913ab1cc70b45a080 *bobsch2000-08-05d2t13.shn
6d070b48c1f2a4d8b74998ffacfb86bd *bobsch2000-08-05d2t14.shn
d816e0833caeb6010060c90c3eb538e3 *bobsch2000-08-05d2t15.shn
cedde59193844bdc3e5ca60c0a7a3cf2 *bobsch2000-08-05d2t16.shn
915c8f18c6e9a683f6fed5badea7bcba *bobsch2000-08-05d2t17.shn
8d5ddda2496ae3cb76a3a29d975eecf8 *bobsch2000-08-05d2t01.shn

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