Soul Coughing 08/10/94
Wetlands Preserve, New York, NY
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Entered by Aaron Wiedmann
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Soul Coughing    
Wetlands Preserve - NY

01. Blueeyed Devil
02. Casiotone Nation
03. Moon Sammy
04. Laugh On Fat Boy
05. How Many Cans
06. Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago
07. Sugar Free Jazz
08. Uh, Zoom Zip
09. Screenwriters Blues
10. Blues To Beelzebub
11. Blow My Only
12. Mr. Bitterness
13. Down To This
14. I'm Living On Babyfood
15. City Of Motors
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77fc759ecde6e1d6565b67b54d9b3be3 *sc1994-08-10d1t15.shn

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