Soul Coughing 05/13/95
Caberet Metro, Chicago, IL
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Entered by Aaron Wiedmann
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Soul Coughing
May 13 1995
Cabaret Metro, Chicago IL

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01: Bus to Beelzebub
02: Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago
03: Wooly Imbibe
04: Sugar Free Jazz
05: Moon Sammy
06: White Girl
07: True Dreams of Wichita
08: Soundtrack to Mary
09: Super Bon Bon
10: Tell the Mermaid
11: Screenwriter's Blues
12: Blue Eyed Devil
13: Mr. Bitterness
14: Down to This
e0c926d819c2cb0d2b3fce7bdb126414 *sc1995-05-13t02.shn
7573f5eeb431ad8263527280aab2c0e4 *sc1995-05-13t01.shn
9f740ad02dd321f586be7cba49fda047 *sc1995-05-13t14.shn
a12c43fcc723ac3ad7655dc13a443708 *sc1995-05-13t13.shn
3940a6265ca67857e12f93c4eab8d6f3 *sc1995-05-13t12.shn
c98d63d0d513170ecb1f9ab8acf34c6e *sc1995-05-13t11.shn
e6f54653bbb9c5f2f44376b04e32087f *sc1995-05-13t10.shn
05e867a253b6cf97ee1a90c2529da244 *sc1995-05-13t09.shn
9a5f8a9a041a33a49beee4c3c23635f7 *sc1995-05-13t08.shn
27c7005174083854257f32fbac70ebee *sc1995-05-13t07.shn
3e590ef5b76f3c2537b866764a8945eb *sc1995-05-13t05.shn
bfe1bd54f8802f932468ae9cf218676a *sc1995-05-13t06.shn
7ee2a2436d1180fb538ac348f8e2cfd2 *sc1995-05-13t04.shn
754ac8bee246d1fca7392468382644f9 *sc1995-05-13t03.shn

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