Soul Coughing 09/29/96
Hershey Stadium, Hershey, PA
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Entered by Aaron Wiedmann
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Soul Coughing
Hershey Park Stadium
Hershey, PA

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01. Zoom Zip
02. Disseminated
03. Sountrack to Mary
04. Collapse
05. True Dreams of Wichita
06. Bus to Beelzebub
07. Idiot Kings
08. Super Bon Bon
09. Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago?

Comments: opening for DMB
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f4cf1b885bc3ab798f561a9499a44009 *sc1996-09-29d1t9.shn
215ca2da7a19908d36aff065bdb35eb9 *sc1996-09-29d1t1.shn
3f651ee93e55b1a1dcde923c5d85fd82 *sc1996-09-29d1t2.shn
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655b482b9dae336c9e2307bfee2cd3d0 *sc1996-09-29d1t6.shn
748a7367479a7e35bef8242d97b44248 *sc1996-09-29d1t7.shn

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