Soul Coughing 11/09/96
El Rey Theater, Los Angeles, CA
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Entered by Aaron Wiedmann
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Westwood One 'In the Zone' CD>EAC>Cool Edit Pro>shntool>SHN
Soul Coughing: November 9, 1996
El Ray Theater
Los Angeles CA

Source: Westwood One "In the Zone" CD->EAC->Cool Edit Pro->shntool

01: Intro
02: Tell The Mermaid
03: Blue Eyed Devil / 867-5309 (Jenny)
04: Soft Serve
05: Unmarked Helicopters
06: 4 Out of 5 / Miss the Girl / I Got to Get Right With This
07: Soundtrack to Mary
08: Paint
09: Collapse
10: Super Bon Bon

* Ripped directly from an original "In the Zone" disc, removed commercials and cut tracks with Cool Edit Pro.
60a990c30a17fe245149489ed5897870 *sc1996-11-09t10.shn
625426923d0e8832ebf1069a98547d3a *sc1996-11-09t09.shn
296d6ef189ded74d18d9b07d48c108b2 *sc1996-11-09t08.shn
aa63dca34b89c033af57e6642f4bce7d *sc1996-11-09t07.shn
acce4a184d77dc5a04e36f2b9429fc0a *sc1996-11-09t06.shn
3b6cf03cc6429b7dcf5172fd45380b65 *sc1996-11-09t05.shn
6b8235296fe3ea6ef4cce32e5201c724 *sc1996-11-09t04.shn
6789b940203dc80fa4762c88e08bc287 *sc1996-11-09t03.shn
bdd23dc0cbea066f18d35100b809de7e *sc1996-11-09t02.shn
4d78e35e3da1f43e22383ceac4e565eb *sc1996-11-09t01.shn

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