Soul Coughing 03/12/97
Chameleon Club, Lancaster, PA
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Nakamichi CM100s(from balcony opposite stage, ~25')>Sony TCD-D7>Echo MIA>CoolEdit Pro 2.1(Recording/Resampling to 44.1 kHz)>CDWave 1.92 (track splits)>FLAC
Soul Coughing
March 12, 1997
Chameleon Club
Lancaster, PA

Source: Nakamichi CM100s(from balcony opposite stage, ~25')>Sony TCD-D7
Transfer: Sony TCD-D7>Echo MIA>CoolEdit Pro 2.1(Recording/Resampling to 44.1 kHz)>CDWave 1.92 (track splits)>FLAC

Taped and Transferred by: Zrrbrrt

Total time: 62:54
01. Intro (0:37)
02. ??? (He's Got the Whole World In His Hands?) (2:22)
03. Collapse (3:15)
04. White Girl (4:05)
05. Disseminated --> ??? (unknown ending) (4:55)
06. Soft Serve (3:35)
07. Paint (4:12)
08. Miss the Girl (3:28)
09. The Idiot Kings (3:52)
10. True Dreams of Wichita (5:00)
11. 4 Out of 5 (4:35)
12. Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago/Like a Prayer/Is Chicago... (4:44)
13. Mr. Bitterness --> (4:23)
14. Super Bon Bon (3:33)
15. Encore Intro (0:21)
16. Moon Sammy (4:29)
17. Bus to Beelzebub (5:27)

Notes: Very unusual show, kind of on the dark side - 'dark' acoustics in the room coupled with a strange setlist. On Track 2, Doughty was using some effects on his voice and it was very low in the mix - it's at normal levels after that track when he uses his regular mic. This show has never been traded/circulated before, and mine was the only visible rig at the show. Enjoy!
02a65123066fe614105f991118c5815b *sc1997-03-12t01.flac
8f8b2a9c50bc8ceb303a100564e2ddf9 *sc1997-03-12t02.flac
05aba5978738cb8edd008d72c8c766da *sc1997-03-12t03.flac
81100574d521445c515507e33d61d228 *sc1997-03-12t04.flac
ae7050d47355a9a459e28265e40d7389 *sc1997-03-12t05.flac
fa644ab7b97fb2ae0648c825e5c74df4 *sc1997-03-12t06.flac
d31e7ecb8c6d25418827cd2c687efa78 *sc1997-03-12t07.flac
33034dc63b037320c5a872af9bf6c34c *sc1997-03-12t08.flac
99463c81ef27223fe700b49d32288db7 *sc1997-03-12t09.flac
0e7506a4a7b67d5436697a4033c06624 *sc1997-03-12t10.flac
f36254d8515ae0bbf77b7ecbdcfd5414 *sc1997-03-12t11.flac
0eb633c764593f6a77639a9c2b1075f4 *sc1997-03-12t12.flac
53d9469b8ac7f47eebb7f33383473759 *sc1997-03-12t13.flac
570e079339174dcb3df308a5fc366612 *sc1997-03-12t14.flac
535c06532001fe07385bf7f68b5027b1 *sc1997-03-12t15.flac
d52bb03166145ae62ba022e687906a13 *sc1997-03-12t16.flac
c390d01aa8b499cd51d34e7e4207eb3e *sc1997-03-12t17.flac

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