Soul Coughing 11/13/96
Fox Theater, Boulder, CO
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Soul Coughing: 13Nov96
Fox Theatre
Boulder, CO

1. Collapse
2. White Girl
3. 4 Out Of 5
4. Casiotone Nation
5. 16 Horses
6. Screenwriter's Blues
7. Soundtrack To Mary
8. Soft Serve
9. Paint
10. Don't Go Wreck The Car (I Got Lost In The Parking Lot)
11. Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago
12. Mr. Bitterness
13. Idiot Kings
14. Super Bon Bon
15. Lazy Bones
16. Moon Sammy
17. Disseminated
18. Sugar Free Jazz
19. Blue Eyed Devil

M. Doughty: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Mark De Gli Antoni: Keyboard sampler, Vocals
Sebastian Steinberg: Bass
Yuval Gabay: Drums
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