Modereko 02/06/04
The Good Hurt, Vista Del Mar, CA
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K.S.B Panasonic Omni Capsule Mics -> Sony D-8 > Sony D-8 -> CD Wav -> Cool Edit Pro(mastering) -> CD Wav
February 06, 2004
The Good Hurt
Vista Del Mar, Los Angeles, CA

Taped by: Tony Moresi
  Source: K.S.B Panasonic Omni Capsule Mics -> Sony D-8
Lineage: Sony D-8 -> CD Wav -> Cool Edit Pro(mastering) -> CD Wav

Set One:

01. Sahara Sod
02. El Kabong
03. Getaway Float
04. Slump Town
05. Immigrant Song/pink floyd intro ->
     Some Of That!
06. 35 Rooms (In the Hall of the Mountain King - Grieg)
07. Solar Igniter
08. Travel By Balloon
09. Miracles
     (7 or 8 min of house mix and crowd at set break)

Set Two:

01. Old Creed
02. Glitterati
03. Mad Cop   w/ Mark Karan
04. Seven Heaven w/ Mark Karan
05. Fools In Love w/ Mark Karan
06. Allman Joy w/ Mark Karan
07. Jam (L.A.-Va tease)
08. 4/4 Jam (Schoolin' tease, Tronic tease)
09. Soul Cheese

10. Nitrous

Encore 2:
11. You Can Stay w/ Mark Karan

My mics were positioned about 12-15' away from the band, 7' tall on a mic stand. The ceiling in this
bar is only about 15 ft tall. Luckily it's not a bass trap in there.
There were very few tapers this night. I know I'm the only one that got the entire second encore.
They had all broken down their equipment when the band took the stage again.

420e8b017643b8bd2b43ca382a051a1a *modereko2004-02-06_35Rooms_D1_06.flac
1f6d97d50482d0a74dfa8334628075b5 *modereko2004-02-06_4-4Jam_D2_08.flac
6d3c31a28224fb9a1bb77585b7fd5bf2 *modereko2004-02-06_AllmanJoy_D2_06.flac
547e2c25a8ac368e3d0b7f9db0adf759 *modereko2004-02-06_ElKabong_D1_02.flac
4840187366bf45258d43f00adaa673af *modereko2004-02-06_FoolsInLove_D2_05.flac
ac9650d42af4b8fd566e9810354d91f0 *modereko2004-02-06_GetawayFloat_D1_03.flac
4d8f1924eb5a2e2fcd1d1b2f38bf49cc *modereko2004-02-06_Glitterati_D2_02.flac
2646aaf3eb458d1ce59ed981d1ad6ddd *modereko2004-02-06_GoodHurtJam_D2_07.flac
029d53602b3ef51d6073162998cc0710 *modereko2004-02-06_MadCop_D2_03.flac
7732f82cba75f6dc732b0a8abb3cdc00 *modereko2004-02-06_Miracles_D1_09.flac
fd05623b988f885d68ee9893c2e3b393 *modereko2004-02-06_Nitrous_D2_10.flac
6d1a231d5596896f950e2b49828d21a6 *modereko2004-02-06_OldCreed_D2_01.flac
f779cab3d7c175ef69b98fc064d85a10 *modereko2004-02-06_SaharaSod_D1_01.flac
8c9489d99bfe275d3e928234e9513b10 *modereko2004-02-06_SevenHeaven_D2_04.flac
5bb1292297d16bc0d1d5cd9dcc98d63a *modereko2004-02-06_SlumpTown_D1_04.flac
cd872e88af5d96cddf463ec114b70725 *modereko2004-02-06_SolarIgniter_D1_07.flac
20f1088a4f07aba960c511b389034db0 *modereko2004-02-06_SomeOfThat!_D1_05.flac
e2ce7d9a3be38c610546f45498ddc8b7 *modereko2004-02-06_SoulCheese_D2_09.flac
2fd1ed74f567cef7f20ad04dba43946a *modereko2004-02-06_TravelByBalloon_D1_08.flac
1f30abffc94fd9c10ecab3eb695a7f0f *modereko2004-02-06_You Can Stay_D2_11.flac

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