Mike Doughty 05/12/04
Canopy Club, Urbana, IL
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Creative USB MP3+ -> HP ze1230 notebook -> WAV > laptop -> wav
Mike Doughty
May 12, 2004
Canopy Club, Urbana, IL

Taper:  Brian Emerick

Source: Creative USB MP3+ -> HP ze1230 notebook -> WAV


- Opening for Galactic -

01: Grey Ghost
02: St. Louise is Listening
03: Madeline and Nine
04: Soft Serve
05: Rising Sign
06: Never Gonna Come Back Down $
07: Looking At The World From the Bottom of a Well
08: Shunned + Falsified *
09: Thank You, Lord, For Sending Me the F-Train *
10: Tremendous Brunettes *
11: American Car *
12: Unsingable Name *
13: Fire Truck
14: Janine *

$ BT cover
* Stanton Moore on drums (Galactic)


-- the shows starts 15 seconds into the first song (wasn't plugged in)
   and has screwy levels till about halfway through Louise.  this is present originally.

-- later on Mike came out with Galactic and rapped on "People Are Bad" and then they played Circles.

compiled 5/13/04 by brian emerick.
c8280d8288ff2b819cdb04b89cbbe3f7 *doughty2004-05-12t01.shn
3d873b851afadf35343cc2f7b8313721 *doughty2004-05-12t02.shn
d5db330beed5123d06c369dbf02e6e5c *doughty2004-05-12t03.shn
b4a6f92e05763ab9e25bc9ba4a0a1f59 *doughty2004-05-12t04.shn
842428c9866eb0774e4bc7bbcd09b55f *doughty2004-05-12t05.shn
c98fca82b7982ca5bcea7cca504996c3 *doughty2004-05-12t06.shn
5d5feb0b485211c861a3d761d4d5db35 *doughty2004-05-12t07.shn
3a5423587d6c4b16054f63f26dd25953 *doughty2004-05-12t08.shn
02a7f3b0dd54059445b8991117056c5d *doughty2004-05-12t09.shn
541ba9cbc8b30ce3c8d1043f5bccb758 *doughty2004-05-12t10.shn
d80ec802f04e7243f000c0ece2e53ac5 *doughty2004-05-12t11.shn
dd34f420d26b62eaf853104732aca0d6 *doughty2004-05-12t12.shn
fa74d181586b100cd81564c3391719a5 *doughty2004-05-12t13.shn
d5333d33224cec952f5a3cf546016921 *doughty2004-05-12t14.shn

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