Mike Doughty 06/16/04
First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN
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DPA 4022(din)> Oade m148> Apogee Mini-me > hhb fob/dfc/35 > DAT > CDR
Mike Doughty's Band
June 16, 2004
1st Avenue
Minneapolis, MN

Mike Doughty - guitar, vox
Thomas Bartlett - keyboards
Shahzad Ismaily - drums

DPA 4022(din)> Oade m148> Apogee Mini-me > hhb fob/dfc/35'

taped by marc (Marc0789 at ay oh ell dot com)

Grey Ghost
St. Louise is Listening
It's Raining Men
Madeleine and Nine
Down By the River with the Sugar Plant
Move On
Tremendous Brunettes
The Only Answer
Thank You Lord For Sending Me the F Train
Fuckin' Yeah!!!
White Lexus
Sunken-eyed Girl
American Car
Hear The Bells
Rising Sign
Never Gonna Come Back Down
Super Bon Bon
Happy Birthday
I Could Live in Hope (Low cover)
Busting Up A Starbucks
Unsingable Name
True Dreams of Wichita
Looking at the World From the Botton of a Well


Book of Love (Magnetic Fields cover)
Real Love / Hideaway (Mary J. Blige / Feelies cover)
Soft Serve
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