Jeff Austin and Chris Castino 05/27/05
Harmony Park (Big Wu Family Reunion 8), Geneva, MN
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Shure sm81's (stage corners facing audience w/ phase reversed) + 2chan sbd > Mackie ONYX 1220 > firewire > HP lappy > traction @24/44.1 > external drive > external drive > pc > remixed using traction2 > wavelab > cdwav > flac
Jeff Austin and Chris Castino
w/ Ryan Ogburn on mando throughout
Big Wu Family Reunion #8
Harmony Park
Geneva, MN

Source:  Shure sm81's (stage corners facing audience w/ phase reversed) + 2chan sbd > Mackie ONYX 1220 > firewire > HP lappy > traction @24/44.1 > external drive
Transfer: external drive > pc > remixed using traction2 > wavelab > cdwav > flac

Taped by:  Matthew McCulloch and Pastor Tim

Transferred by: Matthew McCulloch

Disc 1

01.  intro
02.  no place like a road
03.  been all around this world
04.  early morning rain >
05.  jam >
06.  steep grade sharp curves
07.  high lonesome sound
08.  must have been the roses -tease-

Disc 2

01.  flat iron suite
02.  different day
03.  sing me back home
04.  midnight moonlight  >
05.  jam >
06.  cold rain and snow -jam-
07.  long black veil

*show notes*
     This was the opening set for the reunion.  We were told the night before that Jeff was in a car accident and would not be coming.  He had hurt his left arm in the accident.  Needless to say, all who heard this were very disappointed.  A few hours later we were told that Chris called Jeff personally and now he was coming.  Jeff is a total stud for showing up.  I think Ryan was a last minute call in case Jeff could only sing.  The 3 of them sat for the entire show.  Jeff would occasionally stop playing and rest his arm lifelessly on his leg periodically throughout the set.  We still got some of his humor that most people adore, and as you will hear a great show out of all 3.
      Jeff arrived to Harmony with his arm in a sling and immediately afterwards put it back in.  I'm not sure how long he stuck around, but he was there for a while back stage talking to people and seemingly in good spirits.  I gave him (Ryan and Chris also) a copy of my live mix right after the show.  I think I told him 10 times thank you for coming, but didn't linger in conversation with him.
     A lot of people were looking forward to this part of the reunion.  For myself it was the most anticipated act.  This was a totally unrehearsed set between 2 musicians who had not played together in a year, plus a guy who they had never played with them... it was a wonderful set.  It reminded me of the little campfire jams happening around the park, and reminded me of how Jeff and Chris got together.  The existing chemistry between Jeff and Chris shone through bright as ever and Ryan fit in wonderfully.
     The association of Jeff and Chris started with Jeff and Chris just sitting down and jamming on a few simple tunes.  The lack of structure to this set somehow makes it pure to me.

***Thank you to Jeff & Chris, Ryan, The Big Wu, Andy Frey, and Pastor Tim for allowing this recording to happen.  Please support these and other taper friendly artists by buying their retail cd's and attending their concerts.  For best sound quality, please use the original flac files, and decode to wav prior to burning.***

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dc38721b335188fcf43b69acc25b92b1 *jacc2005-05-27d1t02.flac
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3052eafa551fa9e8287f6c748fa2dfd5 *jacc2005-05-27d1t05.flac
4e491e1101ba685b44dd48ea4d145801 *jacc2005-05-27d1t06.flac
69b785896b4c7d2acfc6c2bbd5056cd3 *jacc2005-05-27d1t07.flac
a091bb91967fc99d7ed0c14353b2a826 *jacc2005-05-27d1t08.flac
a43518050afc949d3b983a8dff285c8a *jacc2005-05-27d2t01.flac
aa8431fc7163ec0c26da77148228373d *jacc2005-05-27d2t02.flac
13ecddd03bbce489f1340d943bb9a635 *jacc2005-05-27d2t03.flac
eaf42520ed79bfa8f2c675b0c715ea0f *jacc2005-05-27d2t04.flac
20090df8177c0eb9a1b0272d992d0912 *jacc2005-05-27d2t05.flac
0c03847e3da05f0b236acd052cfddd5b *jacc2005-05-27d2t06.flac
69f04ba7f109d962fb310904120aab80 *jacc2005-05-27d2t07.flac

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