Braco 07/24/04
Van Hoy Farms, Union Grove, NC
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AKG 480(ck63)>Oade Mod UA-5>JB3 Optical-In (Wav @ 44.1khz) > JB3>Firewire>Adobe Audition 1.0>CD Wave>.flac16
Homegrown Music Network Stage - Smilefest 2004
Van Hoy Farms - Union Grove, NC

Source: AKG 480(ck63)>Oade Mod UA-5>JB3 Optical-In (Wav @ 44.1khz)
Lineage: JB3>Firewire>Adobe Audition 1.0>CD Wave>.flac16
Taped by: joel at jamlivedotorg
Transfered by: joel at jamlivedotorg

1. El Zanatillo
2. Amplio Espacio
3. Palo De Mayo
4. Seven Reasons
5. Elise
6. Cumbanchero*

Randall Watson Sat in for the entire set on Guitar and Trumpet
* w/ Steve Blake on Sax
b36908b4b498c4177cd39b25b07773dd *braco2004-07-24t01.flac
4b56862ef8dc1b2695eccb465d13f331 *braco2004-07-24t02.flac
9a4bd6f5e581f13e9145124ecf72c452 *braco2004-07-24t03.flac
ad977e7ebbdfd9775976a8ef4f3fca69 *braco2004-07-24t04.flac
fa2afc12c03b7d20959932174f98d469 *braco2004-07-24t05.flac
34d269c225221a3f920cdbccccc6edd4 *braco2004-07-24t06.flac

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