Danny Barnes 06/30/02
Northwest String Summit Horning's Hideout, North Plains, OR
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matrix: Velvet Thunder 24 channel>live 2 track feed >
Danny Barnes
Northwest String Summit
Horning's Hideout
North Plains OR

1.  //Hey Baby I'm Falling
2.  Delilah
3.  Shenandoah Breakdown
4.  Funtime
5.  Better Times A-Coming
6.  Things I Done Wrong
7.  Uncle Lucius
8.  Dallas Texas
9.  Everything Fades
10. Counting The Crossties
11. Hogs On The Highway
12. Death Trip
13. Barnyard Soul
14. Shit Creek

Danny Barnes - banjo, guitar, vocals
Darol Anger - fiddle
Amy Denio - bass, vocals

Source: matrix: Velvet Thunder 24 channel>live 2 track feed
(including onstage Schoeps MK4's {center} and AKG 414's {spread})>
Mackie 1202 VLZ {+4}>Fostex D5 {44.1 k}{+4}>Otari DTR8S>Tascam CDRW5000

df2a97bad3778f044ed6d25c22205411 *dannybarnes2002-06-30t01.flac
7c6f48082dd4c1922b9925b46c8c3b81 *dannybarnes2002-06-30t02.flac
441033864d668e3ae3a3b87f1bbf9b0a *dannybarnes2002-06-30t03.flac
a7f3534471586ad8c70721f7a9492246 *dannybarnes2002-06-30t04.flac
391f7358d9c4c5cc73c113869113944e *dannybarnes2002-06-30t05.flac
5bdf5a5cf1f5cc5079b23ffcbf847535 *dannybarnes2002-06-30t06.flac
b3e53f94ad79acfe921b1fd8b11f8dcf *dannybarnes2002-06-30t07.flac
627d8fc8d78f0b9c74092ce1337780f2 *dannybarnes2002-06-30t08.flac
39350ff6c436f28ee176e135d47193d9 *dannybarnes2002-06-30t09.flac
f78171f66dafde6a411b1c55e49bae70 *dannybarnes2002-06-30t10.flac
bc803deaa2df1d9bcab1c99dd10a726a *dannybarnes2002-06-30t11.flac
d1e5a26f0762ceab45ab41d84beccc28 *dannybarnes2002-06-30t12.flac
74465cc75e9c8df471001699c89a9ca0 *dannybarnes2002-06-30t13.flac
4c2b85641cc8ab39de1a1b9c9e916369 *dannybarnes2002-06-30t14.flac

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