Danny Barnes 04/18/03
The Witz End, Stevens Point, WI
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Danny Barnes
The Witz End
Stevens Point WI
Friday 4/18/03
Source:  SBD>CAS[Nakamichi BX-300]>SoundForge6.0>CDR

CD1 Set One
01.  Keep My Skillet Good n' Greasy
02.  Get It While You Can
03.  Life In The Country
04.  Bluegrass Suicide
05.  Cannonball Rag
06.  Face To Face
07.  Everything Fades
08.  //Delilah > Love Songs Suck
09.  Dirt On The Angel
10.  Good As I Been To You
11.  He Stopped Loving Her Today*
12.  Salt Creek
13.  Trinidad Hubbard

CD2 Set Two
01.  New River Train
02.  Things I Done Wrong
03.  Funtime
04.  Shit Creek
05.  Where They Do Not Know My Name
06.  Steel Guitar Rag
07.  Hey Baby I'm Falling
08.  Travelin' Blues**
09.  Little Bitty Town
10.  Death Trip > Man of Constant Sorrow
11.  Oh La La***
12.  Billy The Kid****
13.  Better Times A-Coming

*    George Jones cover
**   Jimmie Rodgers cover
***  Faces cover
**** John Hartford cover

The beginning of Delilah is cut - only missing the first chord or so
due to a tape flip.  The other tape flip occurs right before Ooh
La La, but didn't cut any music - is only missing some of Danny's
spoken introduction.  I didn't use any noise reduction - a hiss is
prevalent on set one due to low levels.  I raised the recording
levels a bit for the 2nd set, the hiss isn't nearly as bad.  Could
probably be cleaned up with a noise reduction program...any takers?

Recorded by Jim Pierron (jpierron@new.rr.com)
SBD hookup courtesy of Dave Kruger
check out the Witz End:  www.thewitzend.com
be8b893a033ade09550bc4c885fe6787 *barnes2003-04-18d1_09.shn
fffe29275b2d4c3b6ffb79fdb4e9abd0 *barnes2003-04-18d1_02.shn
89dd84a02f0c6516e3ee058e14bfe4f9 *barnes2003-04-18d1_03.shn
7baf458bd3113e8b113068e027fa82af *barnes2003-04-18d1_04.shn
7ffba9111ab30e4ab2990c6958dcf7f5 *barnes2003-04-18d1_05.shn
7e65d8cae4e18623a1185cc060f1c063 *barnes2003-04-18d1_06.shn
1508c4db272fe5982667bd887da24327 *barnes2003-04-18d1_07.shn
93f8b75cb674ba662d5c9ecabf3b6344 *barnes2003-04-18d1_08.shn
9df98ed515ce01a6c6451ecf02370184 *barnes2003-04-18d1_01.shn
fea0abf6925e50e2b32380bb65a8773c *barnes2003-04-18d1_10.shn
d964d6354cd22e8df2bc119926d08c9b *barnes2003-04-18d1_11.shn
5c6e5c5b22f4d04b82f4779ea8b973c7 *barnes2003-04-18d1_12.shn
e89c1c1fca5f3d049ba347140ce65a55 *barnes2003-04-18d1_13.shn
ad0f692f312757f0eb575d223bd2d9c9 *barnes2003-04-18d2_01.shn
6b805808a9b557582ab74f825c459b32 *barnes2003-04-18d2_02.shn
fb4e0dadf36c8aa6f5ef43e102918dfd *barnes2003-04-18d2_03.shn
c9f9bf3ddc7daf21138736ad766938c0 *barnes2003-04-18d2_04.shn
57022248a503be39193711165258d30e *barnes2003-04-18d2_05.shn
fe11ec55e305bb66f6c0d043cd549bf4 *barnes2003-04-18d2_06.shn
d7775a77172fa3c984b3f8c5681eeffb *barnes2003-04-18d2_07.shn
70cbdef3750e699f4b1acaab39847d98 *barnes2003-04-18d2_08.shn
2290a9e46074ba9d61e88040862c2cb6 *barnes2003-04-18d2_09.shn
4e3e31ff2a1909f2534de6309cffd794 *barnes2003-04-18d2_10.shn
8a9a70fb8544ddacca976852bb87313c *barnes2003-04-18d2_11.shn
b60a95e9cefeb757944af8d0e858b9ce *barnes2003-04-18d2_12.shn
adec6207fb8da5087ae8d8ccefd9c836 *barnes2003-04-18d2_13.shn

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