Jim Weider's ProJECT PERCoLAToR 01/07/06
Godfrey Daniels, Bethlehem, PA
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Jim Weider's ProJECT PERCoLAToR
Godfrey Daniels
Bethlehem, PA

Schoeps CMC6 MK 4V > Lunatec V > Sony D7 > Tascam Cd-RW 700 > CDR > Nero > Wav > Flac

disc one

1 Intro
2 The Maze
3 Percolator
4 New day
5 Troll
6 Come Dancing *
7 Sliding Home **
8 Flight
9 Rain Daze

disc two

1 Man Cry
2 Caveman
3 Smooth Move
4 Air Blower *
5 The Weight ***
6 Bigfoot
7 Prayer
8 Twister

* Jeff Beck cover
** Chuck Berry cover
*** Band cover

Jim Weider - guitar
Jesse Gress - guitar
Randy Ciarlante - Drums
Daniel Grimsland - bass

-- Master of the Telecaster?and the Tonelab!

By Kenny Kuehn

Jim Weider is a master of the Telecaster and the VOX Tonelab, which in fact came in very
handy on hislatest release, Percolator. The Tonelab can be heard all over the album coupled
with his ?52 and ?53 Telecasters, ?60 Guild Starfire, ?71 Marshall, Fender Blackface deluxe
reverb and tube Echoplex. Taking the stock sounds and customizing them to his liking, Jim
mainly used the Tonelab for effects purposes, plugging in directly to record. ?I really like
timing my echoes with the Tonelab,? said Jim. ?Being able to use tap tempo on everything ?
on the tremolo, on the echoes?it?s just fantastic! You can get some really cool atmospheric
tones as well.?
Percolator is Jim?s most recent recording, and it was produced primarily in his home studio
in Woodstock, New York. ?All the guitar work was done in my studio where I recorded and
engineered it, ? Jim commented. ?I wrote the songs to loops ? either I made one up or sample
d it. I pretty much did all the work here, crankin? amps and using the Tonelab!?

An instrumental record, Percolator features John Medeski on keyboards, Tony Levin on bass,
and Rodney Holmes on drums. This all-star lineup created an album that combines rock, jazz,
and blues, with Jim leading the way with his ultra clean, and often fast, technique and
touch. Live, the Jim Weider Band consists of Randy Ciarlante (drums), Jesse Gress (guitar)
and Daniel Grimsland (bass).

Jim Weider earned great praise as lead guitar player for Rock ?n? Roll Hall of Fame
inductees, The Band, from 1985 to 1999. Since then he has released three solo albums and
has performed, produced, and recorded with such artists as Mavis Staples, Kim Wilson, Tom
Pacheco and Los Lobos. In fact, Jim handled guitar duties on five tracks for Mavis Staples?
record, Have A Little Faith. He also wrote her hit title track from that album, which won
the award for Best Blues Song of the Year at the 2005 W.C. Handy Awards.

The Jim Weider Band is currently on tour throughout the northeast in support of the
Percolator album.
So go check them out, as they are one act not to be missed. For more information and tour
visit: www.jimweider.com

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