The Adventures of Maximum Jackson 06/17/05
The Marietta Brewing Company, Marietta, OH
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The Adventures of Maximum Jackson

The Marietta Brewing Company
Marietta, OH

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Disc 1

1. ABC
2. Crunchy Town
3. She's so Fine
4. Embryonic Stage
5. Ides of March
6. Tequilla 2004
7. Nocturne
8. Think
9. Dung Boy

Disc 2

1. In the Flesh?
2. The Chicken
3. The World is a Ghetto
4. Cash's Dream
5. Chain Reaction
6. Kiss of Death

Disc 3

1. Signal
2. Lover Machine
3. Look Out Jackson
4. Uncle Junior

Taper:  J Dizzle,

- Down time in between songs were removed to save time.

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b167f12f6eee1e5470b8d76a20eb2d0f *tamj2005-06-17d3t4.shn

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