Before Cowboys 09/03/05
Snow Ridge Ski Resort, Turin, NY
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Before Cowboys
September 3, 2005
moe.down 6
Snowridge Mountain
Turin, New York

One Set:

1.   Instrumental Intro*
2.   Saturday
3.   Buffalo>First Night
4.   Snow Days
5.   The Loner**
6.   Whistle Blows Quitting Time
7.   Fly On the Wall
8.   M.Y.O.B.
9.   Take A Bus
10.  Sunshine Maker
11.  Behind the Sun***
12.  Banter/Band Introduction
13.  Things Gone By

*conceived by Kenny and Kirk Juhas
**Neil Young
***Red Hot Chili Peppers

Before Cowboys:
Diane Schnier - Vocals and Piano
Shannon Lynch - Vocals, Saxaphone and Flute
Kenny Juhas - Bass Guitar
Kirk Juhas - Keyboards
Vinnie Amico - Drums
Al Schnier - Guitar
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8ae10f4f2ee237bd5ed9aca1307a875d *B4Cowboys2005-09-03t02.flac
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b1188af8c53b01e708342cc7570e8774 *B4Cowboys2005-09-03t04.flac
59543da413f5f5083fa39bc102c570db *B4Cowboys2005-09-03t05.flac
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ef5e0de5e826ac9bedd84d8d868ffaa8 *B4Cowboys2005-09-03t07.flac
7c562c8ce50e959bce688d0b46e0c47c *B4Cowboys2005-09-03t08.flac
c251c8fe9e43c17e2774e9bb9472fa15 *B4Cowboys2005-09-03t09.flac
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ba9ab08a49ae0bede5fc993eca0109d5 *B4Cowboys2005-09-03t11.flac
e57ffc1af6f9b4a5f145a2a021c97479 *B4Cowboys2005-09-03t12.flac
91e78e6b22de9d5dae9ff941fe1cb18f *B4Cowboys2005-09-03t13.flac

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