Rob Wasserman & Friends 03/26/94
Beacon Theater, New York, NY
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source: Schoeps MK21 > DAT\'s taper: unknown transfer: DAT 60es > M-Audio Audiophile USB > wav > flac transfer: Joshua Braveman tracking: FLAC > wav > CD Wave Editor > FLAC (level 6) tracking: Chris Davis
Rob wasserman and Friends
Beacon Theater, NYC
March 26, 1994

"Evening of Trios"

source:  Schoeps MK21 > DAT's
taper:  unknown

transfer:  DAT 60es > M-Audio Audiophile USB > wav > flac
transfer:  Joshua Braveman

tracking:  FLAC > wav > CD Wave Editor > FLAC (level 6)
tracking:  Chris Davis

Disc 1:

01. Bass Jam > crowd
02. intro--David Johanssen
03. David Speaks
04. White Wheeled Limosine (Hornsby)
05. My Foolish Heart (Victoria Williams)
06. Hear Me Baby (Chris Whitley)
07. Rex Foundation announcement
08. Spikes Balls (Rob solo)
09. Gypsys #1 and #2 (Rob and Matt Haimovitz)
10. Fantasy is Reality (John Wesley Harding)
11. God Lives Upstairs (John Wesley Harding)
12. What a Wonderful World (Victoria Williams)
13. Hey, Hey > Just Jammin' (Victoria Williams)
14. Rex Foundation announcement
15. Easy Answers (Bob Wier)
16. tuning
17. crowd
18. Maggies Farm (Bob Wier)

Disc 2:
01. Should Had Been Me (Bob Weir)
02. Fever (Bob Weir)
03. Take me to the River (Bob Weir)
04. Throwing Stones (Bob Weir)
05. Home is Where You Get Across (Chris Whitley)
06. banter
07. Dustin off the Bass (Lou Reed)
08. One for the Road (Lou Reed)
09. banter, David Sanborne intro
10. crowd
11. Beginning of the Great Adventure (Lou Reed)
12. Jesus (Lou Reed)
13. Sattelite of Love (Lou Reed)
14. Tracks of my Tears (Lou Reed)
15. Dirty Boulevard (Lou Reed)
16. intros for the "Grand Finale"; all performers.
17. Waiting for the Man
18. outtro

In an effort to make things easier, I have only named the
main vocalist on each track.  The evening features a
revolving door of musicians, all on stage at one time or
another; including:
Rob Wasserman
Bruce Hornsby
Victoria Williams
Chris Whitley
Bob Wier
John Wesley Harding
Matt Haimovitz
Jimmy Scott
David Sanborne
George Ressili
Michael Brackler

Ive done my best wih the setlist, any help is appreciated.
Thanks to Josh for getting me invloved in this project!
Enjoy...Chris Davis...(8/12/05)

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