George Clinton & The P-Funk Allstars 10/08/92
Cabooze Club, Minneapolis, MN
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George Clinton and the PFunk All-Stars
Featuring Bootsy Collins
Cabooze Club
Minneapolis, MN
October 8, 1992

Source: SBD


1. Intro Jam>
2. Alice In My Fantasies
3. Cosmic Slop
4. Jam>Let\'s Take It To The Stage
5. Up For The Down Stroke
6. I Call My Baby Pussy
7. Bop Gun
8. Get Off Your Ass & Jam
9. Gamin\' on Ya
10. Undisco Kidd
11. Horny Jam>
12. PFunk (Tear the Roof Off)>
     Give Up The Funk
13. Night of the Thumpasaurus Peoples>
      We Want You Jam


1. Biological Speculation>
2. Eulogy & Light>Maggot Brain
4. (Not Just) Knee Deep>Ants In My Pants>
   Knee Deep>Won\'t You Come Dance
5. Atomic Dog
6. US Customs Coast Guard Dope Dog
7. Rhythm & Rhyme>You Got Me Hot
8. Sunshine of Your Love Jam


1. Bootsy Intro>
2. Stretchin\' Out In A Rubber Band
3. Bootzilla
4. Keep That Funk Alive>
5. Party>
6. Band Intros>
7. Touch Somebody>
8. Rubberfans & Funkateers (?)>
9. Bootsy Jam>
10. Keep That Funk Alive
11. Burning Down The House Jam>
12. Funk is Dead Rap
13. Star Child>Mothership Connection>
      Motor Booty Affair>Rumpofsteelskin>
      Swing Low, Sweet Chariot>
14. Flashlight>Electric Spanking>Flashlight
15. One Nation Under A Groove

CD2-Track4 (Knee Deep) has a cut at 16:43
with minimal loss.
Originally seeded as 12-14-93. Confirmed
date is 10-8-92.

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6b24cbe8388e2e3e34f1cb298d788068 *pfunk1993-12-14d3t13.shn
826fe1fc798f19e75c59a2fb58979c33 *pfunk1993-12-14d3t14.shn
cf8796f3728960c52ef55a4e2b60b0c5 *pfunk1993-12-14d3t15.shn

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