Moxy Früvous 07/10/97
Lafayette Square, Buffalo, NY
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Source: Sony ECM-727p -> Sony TCD-D7 Transfer: Fostex D5 -> DIO 2448 -> Cool Edit 96 -> CDWav -> FLAC Taper and Master DAT creation: GregM Transfer: Daniel Godwin Note: No checksums supplied with source.
Moxy Fruvous
July 10th, 1997
Lafayette Square
Buffalo, NY

Source:    Sony ECM-727p -> Sony TCD-D7
Transfer:  Fostex D5 -> DIO 2448 -> Cool Edit 96 -> CDWav -> FLAC
Taper and Master DAT creation:  GregM
Transfer:  Daniel Godwin (
Size:   477 MB (flac)

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01. intro
02. B.J. Don\'t Cry
03. Video Bargainville
04. Get in the Car
05. Your New Boyfriend
06. I Love My Boss
07. You Will Go To The Moon
08. The Greatest Man In America
09. Fly
10. The Incredible Medicine Show
11. Cross Border Shopping (wrong key)
12. Cross Border Shopping
13. Stuck in the 90\'s
14. Michigan Militia
15. Organ Grinder
16. Johnny Saucep\'n
17. My Baby Loves A Bunch of Authors
18. River Valley
19. Dancin\' Queen Medley
encore 1:
20. KOS intro
21. King of Spain
22. Green Eggs and Ham
23. Love Potion #9 Medley
encore 2:
24. The Drinking Song

Notes:  48k->41k conversion in Cool Edit.  Some high level distortion, but still listenable.  Special thanks go to Greg for the loan of the original cassette and DAT masters.  Please do not convert the show into mp3 and trade it.  Questions, email me:

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