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George Clinton and the PFunk All-Stars: NYC, 1995-10-31
George Clinton and the PFunk All-Stars
New York, NY
October 31, 1995

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1. Intro>PFunk Jam
2. Alice In My Fantasies
3. Cosmic Slop
4. Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On
5. Funky Dollar Bill
6. I Got A Thing, You Got A Thing
7. All Sons of Bitches
8. Niggerish
9. Public Service Rap
10. Yank My Doodle
11. Some Next Shit
12. Supergroovalisticprosifunkstication


1. Flashlight
2. US Customs Coast Guard Dope Dog
3. Love You More Than Words Can Say
4. Jam>
5. Maggot Brain
6. Dog Star (Fly On)
7. Fight the Power (with Chuck D)
8. Just Say Ding
9. Hard As Steel


1. (Not Just) Knee Deep>
2. Ants In My Pants Scat>Sentimental Journey>Knee Deep
3. Come Fly With Me
4. Underground Angel
5. Lewd Rap
6. Sick Nasty
7. Atomic Dog


1. Aquaboogie
2. Ride On
3. Rhythm & Rhyme>
4. Babblin\' Kababbie>
5. Rhythm & Rhyme
6. Up For The Down Stroke
7. Cookie Jar
8. Red Hot Mama
9. Mothership Jam>
10. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot


George Clinton-vocals, ringmaster
Andre Fox-bass?
Lige Cury-bass
Billy Bass Nelson-bass
Michael Hampton-guitar
Blackbyrd McKnight-guitar
Gary Shider-guitar
Gay Gonzalez-drums
Amp Fiddler-keyboards
Greg Boyer: trombone
Greg Thomas-sax
Bennie Cowan-trumpet
Belita Woods-vocals
Trey Lewd-vocals
Shonda \"Sativa\" Clinton-vocals
Steve Boyd-vocals
Linda Shider-vocals
Chuck D-vocals

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14d12433ad9a5b77cdf5811d5c11fe06 *pfunk1995-10-31d4t10.shn

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