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Colonel Claypool's Bucketful Of Bernie Brains
4th & B
San Diego, CA

Source: AKG C451 B/ST in XY Pattern Approx. 11' High right of Board>Edirol UA-5(Oade Bros "presence" Modification) @ 48Khz

Transfer: MDAT via coax on Sony PCM-M1>Sony PCM-R500 for Dat Playback>MCD-R on Tascam CD-RW750 via coax.

Journey to flac: Master CDR>EAC'ed using Plextor DVDR PX-708A>CDWAV>Flac Frontend>Flac

EAC: 100% track quality, 100% peak levels.

Disc 1:
01. Bernie Intro
02. Band Intro
03. Junior
04. The Big Eyeball In The Sky *
05. Bernie Solo
06. Scott Taylor
07. Buckethead and Bernie
08. Elephant Ghost**
09. Drums (Brain Solo)
10. Drums And Whamola Jam

Disc 2:
1. Stick Pit***
2. Hair
3. Tryanny Of The Hunt
4. Crowd
5. Music For The Elephant Man
6. Thai Noodles

* With Gabby Ya Ya on Vocals
** With Gabby Ya Ya on Sitar
*** Buckethead Solo Song from "Monsters and Robots"

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