Brian Stoltz 05/06/06
WWOZ-FM interim studio, New Orleans, LA
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Taper: Richard Russell (from FM)
This is part of a two- to three-hour live in-studio broadcast that preceded the day\'s live broadcast from the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.

Brian Stoltz is the guitar player for the funky Meters and for PBS (Porter, Batiste & Stoltz). Here he plays songs from his solo CDs, plus a handful of new, unrecorded songs.

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Brian Stoltz
WWOZ \"Breakfast Jam\"
WWOZ-FM interim studio
French Market
New Orleans, La.
May 6, 2006

Taper: Richard Russell (from FM)

1 interview 1:17
2 The Storm is Brewing 4:46
3 interview 1:55
4 The Ones Who Never Returned 5:33
5 interview 1:08
6 Sugar for Me 4:18
7 My Debbie Lou 4:04
8 interview 1:09
9 War 7:43
10 interview 1:47
11 What is Real 6:46
12 interview 1:29
13 Hoodoo Thing 6:34
14 interview 1:23
15 Norma\'s House 5:49

source/transfer: WWOZ-FM > Onkyo TX-SV535 receiver > Audiomedia III soundcard (44.1kHz) > Macintosh G3/300 > Bias Peak 2.62 (split-stereo audio files) > firewire hard drive > Macintosh Powerbook G4/1000 > Logic 6.3.3 (this set edited out of larger recording, bounced to two-track stereo) > Bias Peak 4.14 (normalized by 0.65 db, 10kHz notch filter applied to reduce a high-pitched squeal; split into individual song files at sector boundaries) > X Audio Compression Toolkit 1.55 > flac

Editing notes:
1:48 edited out prior to track 3 (DJ filled time while stage troubles and sound issues were resolved); fades applied
1:11 edited out prior to track 5 with crossfade applied (jazzfest promo spot)
3:03 edited out about 13 seconds into track 8 (another preview of the day\'s upcoming highlights at festival)
30-second sponsorship ad edited out prior to track 14.


t01 interview.flac:f3b41da803303c7fb2fa646f55abc394
t02 The Storm is Brewing.flac:7e294b61129118662263025766f49ef1
t03 interview.flac:dfce8e3d9410e8d746100f79fc1e355f
t04 The Ones Who Never Returned.flac:27dd98b84faeafbedc8d3fa5fb40e023
t05 interview.flac:8abe10c53c361d0b97992dfe38c08ef6
t06 Sugar for Me.flac:f781663a454b955620c5450932cd7d25
t07 My Debbie Lou.flac:106dde73a082e4d9d75810c669ba4039
t08 interview.flac:58335bc6dc9fac738841526a54fe6bf1
t09 War Song.flac:3d2058a6ba0a7796abbcaafc54a1b931
t10 interview.flac:2fedc4835b10f00ff474e87c852d89d3
t11 What is Real.flac:be2332a98263a04379a4e11c6a47300e
t12 interview.flac:4346c6e27e4650729b3eb4167a460e6d
t13 Hoodoo Thing.flac:2b70a35a0364a3461f9ce1ff62175bc9
t14 interview.flac:0a0a8a39739bfb253a93b60b126391b6
t15 Norma\'s House.flac:04b8d9d58f02beb5475a38c5242d3fe9

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