Dave Alvin & the Guilty Men 10/24/05
Mazzotti's, Arcata, CA
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Dave Alvin & The Guilty Men 24-Oct-2005 Arcata CA - from Sbd Master
Dave Alvin & The Guilty Men  24-Oct-05
Mazzotti\'s, Arcata CA

***FOR TRADE ONLY***Please Do Not encode to MP3

Master: Sbd > SBM-1 (@16bit/48kHz) > VXPocket v2 > Dell Inspiron 9300 > Sound Forge (v. 6.0) > WAV
Transfer: WAV > Sound Forge (v. 6.0)(fading/editing, 48>44.1kHz resample) > CDWAV (v.1.71) > FLAC Frontend (v. > FLAC

Mastered and Transfered by Dan Gale (dgale@loslobos.org)

Disc 1:
Blackjack David  
Out in California  
Blue Wing  
Out Of Control  
Haley\'s Comet  
Between The Cracks  
Dry River  
Somewhere In Time>  

Disc 2:
Fourth of July  
American Music  
Sinful Daughter  
Band Introduction Jam>  
Marie Marie>  
So Long, Baby, Goodbye (Instrumental)  


Two brief dropouts were present on the master WAV file near the end of \"Fourth of July\" - these were the result of accidental sbd feed muting by the FOH engineer.  I removed them using SoundForge but a break in music continuity is evident during the closing moments of this song.

48>44.1kHz resample done with SoundForge (v. 6.0) using high (4) interpolation accuracy and applying an anti-alias filter.

Venue formerly known as \"Cafe Tomo\" until it closed in November 2001 and reopened as Mazzotti\'s, an Italian restaurant that also does live music on a more sporadic basis.  Dave also played at Cafe Tomo on 07-Jun-01.  Prior to Cafe Tomo, this venue was known as \"Brew & Beats\" in the mid-90\'s and prior to this it had a short stint as a pool hall after serving for a long time as the original location of \"Arcata Exchange\", a furniture store that now sits a few doors away on the corner of 8th and G Streetsk on the Plaza.  So there you have it...your brief historical synopsis of this Arcata venue.  Thanks to Lincoln Wachtel for continuing to bring great music to Arcata and to \"Tofu Mike\" for mixing FOH sound.

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