Bill Payne 11/20/99
Russ and Julie Paris' Living Room, Oak Park, CA
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Bill Payne (of Little Feat) Solo 1999-2000
I got this show from \"Backflip\" a few months ago with the promise of seeding it.  Technology issues have prevented me from doing so until now.


Bill Payne (of Little Feat)
One Night Stand (Solo Concert)
Russ and Julie\'s House Concerts
Approx. 1999-200?

Disc One:
01 Intro / Talking
02 Improv Jam
03 Talking
04 Chinese Work Songs (poetry)
05 Jazz Improv Jam
06 Under the Radar
07 Cover My Tears (Distant Thunder)
08 Talking
09 Gringo

Disc Two:
01 Talking
02 Evangeline
03 Edging Toward 49 (poetry)
04 Fighting the Mosquito Wars
05 The Last Edorado (poetry)
06 Poetry
07 All Out of Innocence (poetry)
08 Eden\'s Wall
09 Representing the Mambo
10 Talking / Poetry
11 Borderline Blues
12 Oh Atlanta

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