Lo Faber Band 02/20/02
Club Caroline, Saratoga Springs, NY
Source # 7864
Entered by Mike Wren
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Source: AT853/c > USBPre > Sound Forge 5 > CD Wave > SHN v3 Recording and tracking by Mike Wren
Lo Faber Band
Club Caroline - Saratoga Springs, NY

Source: AT853/c > USBPre > Sound Forge 5 > CD Wave > SHN v3
Recording and tracking by Mike Wren

Disc One / Set I

01. Which Way Will She Go?
02. Help Me Make It Thru The Night
03. Don't Speak of These Things
04. Molly
05. Miracle Time
06. Free Kids Shimmy Shake
07. Stupid Hat
08. Wendy

Disc Two / Set I Con't
01. When We Were Young
02. Driving North in a VW Bus
03. Those Damn Kids (Bubsy Beals)
04. Crafty Fox's Super Song and Dance
Set II
05. Souvinier
06. Volcano Boy
07. Green Waters > Starts With a Kiss

Disc Three / Set II Con't
01. Goodnight Gretchen
02. Hey Henry >
03. Sardines
04. Into The Sea
05. Slipstreams >
06. Henry You're The Man
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b7a2b4b9c5b0694e7947ce1ec3f027e8 *lfb2002-02-20d3t06.shn

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