Merl Saunders 03/24/01
Starr Hill Music Hall, Charlottesville, VA
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Merl Saunders
Starr Hill Music Hall
Charlottesville, VA

SRC: SBD > Inspiron 8000 (ESS Maestro internal sound card) > WAV > CD > EAC > SHN > WAV > FLAC

Recorded, transferred and seeded by Bill Tetzeli (

CD 1

1. Merl's Tune
2. Built for Comfort
3. Lay Back Baby
4. Sugaree
5. Positively 4th Street
6. That's What Love Will Make You Do
7. Nostalgia for Jerome
8. Julius

CD 2

1. Don't That Make it Better?
2. Funky System
3. Wondering Why
4. Fire on the Mountain
5. Struggling Man
6. My Funny Valentine

CD 3

1. M.S.
2. Boogie on, Reggae Woman
3. Bertha
4. "One More Set!"

5. Man Child
6. So What >
7. Thank You >
8. I Feel Like Dynamite

SHNs converted to FLAC for convenience of trading and to be more future-compatible.  Test SHNs recompressed from extracted WAVs verify 100% against checksums for original SHNs.

Known flaw: Right channel cuts out on MS from 6:14-6:42.  This section was monized by pasting in the left channel.

A little history: Back in March 2001 I had the opportunity to interview Merl for WTJU, University of Virginia's radio station, the day before he played at Starr Hill.  The interview went well, and afterwards I phoned his road manager, Ken Kaplan, and asked if it would be all right to tape from the board.  At first Ken refused, but when I told him I just wanted to be able to play a few cuts to let people who couldn't get to the show know what they'd missed, he said fine, as long as I signed a nondistribution agreement.  Struggling Man, Merl's live album, had just been released, and Ken didn't want it facing unnecessary competition.  I wrote up the agreement, brought it down to Starr Hill a few hours before the show, and Merl and I signed.  I was so overwhelmed to meet this legend in the flesh for the first time, and yet he seemed incredibly friendly and humble.  That night Merl rocked the house, showing no sign of the passage of years in his playing or singing.  The recording went without a hitch, save for a brief outage on one of the channels.  After the show he sat near the merch table talking to fans; he was chatting with a beautiful girl who was looking adoringly at him, as kindly and familiarly as if she were his daughter.  Suddenly he saw me, reached out an arm and with a huge grin cried, "Biiilllllll!"  Made my evening, no doubt. :-)

Anyway, fast forward to about two months ago.  After an unsuccessful attempt at reaching Merl through his Myspace page, I got in touch with his son, Tony (a successful musician in his own right), to see if he could speak with Merl about allowing the recording to be circulated.  After a few emails back and forth, Tony relayed to me that circulating would be fine, but there would have to be some link to his father's recordings on Tamago, since those were Merl's sole source of income for his medicine and treatment for his stroke.  I agreed at once, eager to do what little I could to repay him for all the incredible music of his I've enjoyed over the years.

Many thanks both to Merl for allowing me to tape this show and distribute the SBD, as well as to Tony for his assistance.  Again, please go to (note the ".us" domain) and help Merl out by buying some of his music.  It's the least we can do to show him our gratitude for all he's given us over the past forty years.
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fa531bd7cdf71ddd530eb70e064277bd *ms2001-03-24d1t03.flac
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1f35565af4683f4faf8420469d7406c2 *ms2001-03-24d1t05.flac
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de194057b29b3c407a26d4d500a1d3f6 *ms2001-03-24d2t02.flac
52cb51b4519430b2546a1f8e5628ce92 *ms2001-03-24d2t03.flac
c88590af9ddb55ef72b748dca74d2496 *ms2001-03-24d2t04.flac
7c3f208c84eb79f52b7aae0e29002840 *ms2001-03-24d2t05.flac
981779eb60183100a34359c58f6fffc9 *ms2001-03-24d2t06.flac
f58eeaa5f7654208956490767358cca3 *ms2001-03-24d3t01.flac
9900a43e17189b5865eb185e9f618ea3 *ms2001-03-24d3t02.flac
a4ce76ced80dc1531c92ce2a8733c42f *ms2001-03-24d3t03.flac
40a1f18b81580a5be837bbbe6cca8506 *ms2001-03-24d3t04.flac
ba98c3f33f1b27918e4b2c2c205f934d *ms2001-03-24d3t05.flac
553885812fa37fc725cac79bb65297e2 *ms2001-03-24d3t06.flac
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0697624c59c691409aa19fc061263669 *ms2001-03-24d3t08.flac
020d5850fd823a9d8070455c230a95e4 *ms2001-03-24d1t01.wav
a3aeabf62a1a92e6f287e52b82623878 *ms2001-03-24d1t02.wav
4f895b1b7bee446703d2ad328726d029 *ms2001-03-24d1t03.wav
c7cecf2e10066b7253a3b9682504e1fc *ms2001-03-24d1t04.wav
1304d2f45006602e6476585f0c56ae4d *ms2001-03-24d1t05.wav
e7177d453c422a5b395f73475787ff21 *ms2001-03-24d1t06.wav
17d230a77cfe484d52cbbabe8f28e329 *ms2001-03-24d1t07.wav
1ce361c876acc3cd6857f4ddf775f7fb *ms2001-03-24d1t08.wav
6538314be7458848b0ad06f9c8e57183 *ms2001-03-24d2t01.wav
9d66db668fdc003830b41476ecebde4f *ms2001-03-24d2t02.wav
9389aaa1fffd974a19cc2db4174fa083 *ms2001-03-24d2t03.wav
bc7122c283e380b9ae1643daf2cefbc4 *ms2001-03-24d2t04.wav
3dc2b874dcd0527a40687a72f293ef28 *ms2001-03-24d2t05.wav
e499d2022ae8296a356e2f5fe733d0ca *ms2001-03-24d2t06.wav
99da5cc63e40050687d2a4c1300864f4 *ms2001-03-24d3t01.wav
43004297e0f715232165bbbdbd7356be *ms2001-03-24d3t02.wav
5b1ec3816bf43420095c737cab6165b5 *ms2001-03-24d3t03.wav
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fe53af40e07ba2df9cfec431fbe897d8 *ms2001-03-24d3t07.wav
3af91f498e2ba58c108d3a28060d0a2f *ms2001-03-24d3t08.wav

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