Green Lemon 03/29/07
The Soapbox, Wilmington, DE
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Source: House mics? > Internet Webcast > Dell notebook
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Green Lemon
March 29th, 2007
The Soap Box
Wilmington, NC

Source: House mics? > Internet Webcast > Dell notebook
Transfer: Audacity > wav > CDWave > wav > Flac Frontend (level 8) > Flac16

Taped by: Scott Brown
Transfered by: Scott Brown

It seems like to my ear that they used house room mics for the webcast. The bass is pretty heavy. I elected to leave it that way. Jesse does drop a few bombs, so look out. There are a few pops and clicks here and there from the webcast. I did my best to remove them.



1. Wayne/Chris Jam
2. Check 1
3. Shoestring
4. Check 2

1 Set show

5. Intro/We're on TV...Don't say fuck!
6. The Mankind Project >
7. Los Federales >
8. Yellowstone >
9. Los Federales (reprise)

Disc 2

1. The Rise >
2. Desire is a Gun >
3. Salvation >
4. Life >
5. Love Love Love >
6. Whitecap
7. Crowd/Banter


8. Dear Prudence *

* Beatles cover
12300f9ef51a4b80b59f6259e90e0726 *Green Lemon2007-03-29-d1t03.flac
7c9bb7fe564f9fc81747b44534d1156d *Green Lemon2007-03-29d1t01.flac
e36a6457efdc33094becc3807b174e12 *Green Lemon2007-03-29d1t02.flac
692d47c11cad0d51298abf185a0c3a4f *Green Lemon2007-03-29d1t04.flac
39c65ac13162a584f938e743dd58257e *Green Lemon2007-03-29d1t05.flac
57974eca5f75a713670dd5c14f23c276 *Green Lemon2007-03-29d1t06.flac
98b298aaacd8ea1da5375096df987d40 *Green Lemon2007-03-29d1t07.flac
4e74bbb1f2f8ae39536aba04bb0f9600 *Green Lemon2007-03-29d1t08.flac
c1d9a9f48dc6a8fbb164b9fd41a89ca1 *Green Lemon2007-03-29d1t09.flac
f1a7768a4b6b3eab32fdfd530414e6ae *Green Lemon2007-03-29d2t01.flac
af1d22b9a711aa19c4ea98ffdf35586c *Green Lemon2007-03-29d2t02.flac
fdd6c44411664b55a721d5feb7e54ece *Green Lemon2007-03-29d2t03.flac
c2d0d7e15b625bf4d4cb30e2763f5189 *Green Lemon2007-03-29d2t04.flac
717e9ad89b8d564433dffe181046b5fe *Green Lemon2007-03-29d2t05.flac
301af7a325feb212364d47fa8cb8b369 *Green Lemon2007-03-29d2t06.flac
0dc9c7b58750de24b96b19b119488eef *Green Lemon2007-03-29d2t07.flac
13c906fc993c65df5306e96a8dcd0175 *Green Lemon2007-03-29d2t08.flac
6a2eb18e631ad925d54399610ee079d1 *Green Lemon2007-03-29info.txt

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