Garcia 02/02/80
The Stone, San Francisco, CA
Source Summary
JGB, IIp: SBD > ? > Maxell XL2S > Nak CR3A > HP Computer > Sound Forge (Vol@5.6DB) > CD Wave > Flac.
Jerry Garcia Band  2-2-1980
The Stone, San Francisco, CA

Source: A(big)cardboard box,
SBD->?-> Maxell XL2S->Nak CR3A->
HP Computer->Sound Forge(Vol@5.6DB)
->CD Wave-> Flac

To My Ears:
A Punchy fun low gen Soundboard!

T1 //Harder They Come  

T2 When I Paint My Masterpiece

T3 Russian Lullaby

T4 After Midnight >

Eleanor Rigby Jam >

After Midnight

892df31317c4be68a3c396a423adc7cb *T1 Harder They Come.flac
3ce325340faef65de3ef4f5e62f026f7 *T2 Masterpiece.flac
bcdf16af495154e3cb50e8e81ccd949d *T3 Russian lullaby.flac
32853b2836bd6a9781cd5f9662765e87 *T4 After Midnight.flac
T1 Harder They Come.flac:ef4b8e30384dbe3f02f9d3b6eebfbba1
T2 Masterpiece.flac:b75cc88a50f3613c57141bb79f8aebe2
T3 Russian lullaby.flac:c5567e5ddb44e27fcf25cd3e85d6666d
T4 After Midnight.flac:d7ec1e01dbbecb36aa75a12977e264a1

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