Garcia 05/12/84
The Stone, San Francisco, CA
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JGB: Don Dearth's MAC (Sony D6C w/Sony Stereo Microphone [TDKSA90]) > Nakamichi CR3A (No Dolby) > HP computer > Sound Forge (Vol@5.6db) > CD Wave > Flac.
Jerry Garcia Band 5-12-84
The Stone, San Francisco, C.A.

Master Audience Cassette (TDKSA90)
Sony D6C w/Sony Stereo Microphone->
Nakamichi CR3A (No Dolby) ->HP computer
->Sound Forge(Vol@5.6db)->CD Wave->Flac.

Disc 1
D1T01. /Sugaree
D1T02. Catfish John
D1T03. Simple Twist of Fate
D1T04. Run For The Roses
D1T05. Deal//
D1T06. //Deal

Disc 2
D2T01. Cats Down Under The Stars
D2T02. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
D2T03. Russian Lullaby
D2T04. Gomorrah
D2T05. Midnight Moonlight

Taped by Don Dearth "from real up close"
JGB D1T01 Sugaree.flac:098a366235f1d14f989d631ba76c9c42
JGB D1T02 Catfish John.flac:13dc97cd56a82bd259dce44537420abe
JGB D1T03 Simple Twist Of Fate.flac:4880b7b5586729169e600d401fb7d663
JGB D1T04 Run For The Roses.flac:20089f9e9c1f3d4a7696870b455554ee
JGB D1T05 Deal.flac:86890fd35188cec111e9631b588b1614
JGB D1T06 Deal.flac:732723358e0e28103c0e529dc8b341f1
JGB D2T01 Cats Down Under The Stars.flac:c9f534c085348685407cbf27fa9e8893
JGB D2T02 Knockin' On Heavens Door.flac:43e13cdd7fe1fa30526f1ede5803f8d8
JGB D2T03 Russian Lullaby.flac:c66b9d5359deb9e6a1cfbe852df107e7
JGB D2T04 Gomorrah.flac:25acc33650473250ba8e9ddd99f08107
JGB D2T05 Midnight Moonlight.flac:c289647ac7133721c96b8572d9c3db4f
a9457d41b5a28c146efb2a5f2cc0aab7 *JGB D1T01 Sugaree.flac
f5a13b33cd500623f57adfed114524e6 *JGB D1T02 Catfish John.flac
77d2e6a228fe9a7f29367bc50a5c4d49 *JGB D1T03 Simple Twist Of Fate.flac
fb2bd88cfe9e9f5c2e26588d53c27b63 *JGB D1T04 Run For The Roses.flac
d7eb8247fa609c4c2adcb32a6b45aaef *JGB D1T05 Deal.flac
e5cc25388ba3b25308bffbf38787996f *JGB D1T06 Deal.flac
83d8e3f6bc5893ce9e56f91eef0bdc9b *JGB D2T01 Cats Down Under The Stars.flac
46bcea0d3b2d6532e4b417de20aeb13e *JGB D2T02 Knockin' On Heavens Door.flac
867cb5ec4f98ab56b6d28dafeb5432a1 *JGB D2T03 Russian Lullaby.flac
a1e43d5a97c0b20526989c80847106aa *JGB D2T04 Gomorrah.flac
416b1a8267ef71217a96471985704462 *JGB D2T05 Midnight Moonlight.flac

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