Benevento/Russo 04/21/07
Culture Room, Ft. lauderdale, FL
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flac16: Neumann TLM-170R (Cardiod)>Edirol R-4 Pro (Busman T-mod)@24/96
Benevento Russo Duo

Culture Roon
Ft. lauderdale, FL

April 21, 2007

Neumann TLM-170R (Cardiod)>Edirol R-4 Pro (Busman T-mod)@24/96

LOC 30', 11'high, DIN

Eq'd and Normalized in SF8>Resampled and dithered in R8brain>SF8>CDWave>CKRename>FLAC>BTEasy

Recorded by Steven Kwartin

Two Discs:

Disc One:

Track 01 Something for Rockets
Track 02 Welcome Red
Track 03 Sunny's Song
Track 04 Memphis
Track 05 Play, Pause, Stop
Track 06 Best Reason To Buy The Sun
Track 07 Jam > Mephisto >
Track 08 Mephisto >
Track 09 Becky >
Track 10 Becky > Moby Dick

Disc two:

Track 01 Scratchitti
Track 02 Banter
Track 03 Echo Park
Track 04 My Pet Goat
Track 05 Soba
Track 06 Hateframe
Track 07 Paranoid Android>
Track 08 Heartbreaker>
Track 09 Paranoid Android

Thanks to Direwolf for the setlist, and sorry for any mistracking, but I was trying to turn it around as quickly as possible.

Enjoy and share.

Duo 2007-04-21d1t01.flac:7352c5f46eff6326f3c8e526f9545579
Duo 2007-04-21d1t02.flac:ef71e3ca40961c9d85f0db685f8eb1a7
Duo 2007-04-21d1t03.flac:4650a67e927ba70932eaf2dc60860b95
Duo 2007-04-21d1t04.flac:078fd660574b253379598fd4a6769a01
Duo 2007-04-21d1t05.flac:9e5efc6e62b1d33629d90ffc03b91df4
Duo 2007-04-21d1t06.flac:af7bc02f3bcfc8c06b344da2bb1c5b6a
Duo 2007-04-21d1t07.flac:4a54c7914176d191d41c07c520aefb73
Duo 2007-04-21d1t08.flac:54aad37dac917c79f5227f4df8004d36
Duo 2007-04-21d1t09.flac:08017844a1bed979c1f9db460dd922e6
Duo 2007-04-21d1t10.flac:6434a7ce4f860c3aee2f36ebcde26e68
Duo 2007-04-21d2t01.flac:1cb06a94de8ce65c125a2f3882a5a03b
Duo 2007-04-21d2t02.flac:71ab9114925ca321892f8ab68e234f38
Duo 2007-04-21d2t03.flac:cbbd73b009eee6e9009f67040058d17c
Duo 2007-04-21d2t04.flac:ff56c3828654951c9568d46c7284faf8
Duo 2007-04-21d2t05.flac:9b984dcc1905e3aba57c09bd1df2443a
Duo 2007-04-21d2t06.flac:3abc427ffbe2e901d4638e3bfb62fd12
Duo 2007-04-21d2t07.flac:3807a3327009bd097c6c6a2ea4ebf90a
Duo 2007-04-21d2t08.flac:405848bbf6145918a039cf1dd018858f
Duo 2007-04-21d2t09.flac:29786c190c9ea1331f424b82b4c37168

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