Buck Owens 03/01/89
The Birchmere, Alexandria, Va
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Entered by Mark Goldey
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folks! how about this? i got this from DIME probably half a year before, i offer you a enjoyable, listenable, bouncing BUCK OWENS to make you happy today.

Buck Owens and the Buckaroos
Birchmere-Alexandria, VA
March 1st, 1989

SB>Cassette (unknown generation)>CDWAVWE>Flac

loves gonna live here
together again
act naturally
somebody play the jukebox
truck driving man
crying time again
hot dog
the keys in the mailbox
under your spell
open up your heart again
my dreams have gone astray
tall dark stranger
excuse me i think i've got a heartache
come on home and fool around with me
waiting in your welfare line
sams place
i'll give you love
hello trouble
wipe out
just as love as you love me
swingin doors
tiger by the tail
streets of bakersfield

track 25 johnny b. goode
they call me a playboy
big in vegas
i'm gonna have love

(great sounding show)

fb37b163365d80568abfc603ca04513c *Track01.flac
8f3a2be099297e82896a8ce727d80fd6 *Track02.flac
1f5b517b838b2b46eb68dbf1cd7081a0 *Track03.flac
d0e3bff8333dd2e8c28102cfa0ac1dce *Track04.flac
72db6d7c660c9cef7a6a2bf80e48f069 *Track05.flac
3224f6e02a7ef8228d6793f9573cb5d8 *Track06.flac
b40ba908d1034f403e0d8f83ec036709 *Track07.flac
2b8963b31e2e5877224d27aa4c83878b *Track08.flac
112574d98e34d3eaca1f5f24023a6819 *Track09.flac
9b357399c745024001cad3b926086ecc *Track10.flac
17c1eeb2ffad3c1d40f140500b61e000 *Track11.flac
e2aa790623dfa5592e09cac46b66f708 *Track12.flac
3785a4394bbc430b222c8e971f5177e3 *Track13.flac
bd882a795c96bf5160c96332c8213951 *Track14.flac
a53912659ba05bfe903ca90a20782be4 *Track15.flac
950afe4fe7e1127b51ff852e33d6ee4c *Track16.flac
4466d2abca8b58a788eb461de89c58db *Track17.flac
ce3dff96e40ce24883a98b0e992a6cfc *Track18.flac
75374dd636ad42f44034d67696ac6613 *Track19.flac
95d94242fae688deb2154038266bc3f9 *Track20.flac
772283d36f83880565c89c3a397ad608 *Track21.flac
5f9d07aebeb195545afb84967599c74b *Track22.flac
70f17595fed20bb8c1adc9d1e3a10820 *Track23.flac
2fe028894ad951771cf0f31a21ac46ce *Track24.flac
a80fa48c9089d3f6ab7b99acb5504af1 *Track25.flac
ad7b46351ec97d165d22f43508d29674 *Track26.flac
d705db29370e47c750a38f71b950d2e9 *Track27.flac
91a80ff3c15a92497122f52e8e72f312 *Track28.flac
595161e76616f6aee61e7e3a91dcb7ad *Track29.flac

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