Garcia 02/17/80
Laker Hall (SUNY), Oswego, NY
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Jerry Garcia Band: MAC(taped by Keith Gatto Nak 300s>Sony TC-D5)>DAT>CD>WAV>SHN. Updated source info.
Jerry Garcia Band
Laker Hall, SUNY Oswego
February 17, 1980

MAC(taped by Keith Gatto Nak 300s>Sony TC-D5)>DAT>CD>WAV>SHN.

Disc One
1. /Melody
3. /How Sweet
4. /Catfish John
5. Deal
6. /Positively 4th Street

Disc Two
1. That's Alright Mama
-set 2-
2. /Money Honey
3. Sittin' in Limbo
4. Let it Rock
5. After Midnight >
6. Eleanor Rigby >
7. After Midnight

Disc Three
1. Train to Cry
2. Harder they Come

This was originally seeded with a corrupt d3t02.
The md5 for that track was as follows:
a35c3d010d69fcc22a309111dbd08c14 *jgb80-02-17d3t2.shn
9bf9e76e73ff4e47f315c8da728026fe *jgb80-02-17d3t2-fixed.shn
68bac83d60f1a5461a4d943d93bdadb4 *jgb80-02-17d3t1.shn
b3420fc49f0f19e39f89cbaf94cd9b69 *jgb80-02-17d2t7.shn
a9da24ab42a34e09a41ce2da87e6ee52 *jgb80-02-17d2t6.shn
73dc409cebe727844d5a987bb9496451 *jgb80-02-17d2t5.shn
1bff8ccc83df1bcc5d7ebb3d5d68ecf2 *jgb80-02-17d2t4.shn
0ba8fb4518b8895a5495d7f078e0a47a *jgb80-02-17d2t3.shn
a513afdb91dd91f934b4c307b6740b7f *jgb80-02-17d2t2.shn
33367cfd3fecb454954051fbd9b41a18 *jgb80-02-17d2t1.shn
9d66892464d77e4b93009844c2a4090a *jgb80-02-17d1t1.shn
fefd823ae32cd9b09ab81abada28f5f6 *jgb80-02-17d1t6.shn
91e47efba1bab8ca095cc59a0bcfed1d *jgb80-02-17d1t5.shn
b768334b237d57b4291280a1359eba57 *jgb80-02-17d1t4.shn
d5fce865a6c8fd5a229963a0b25d5337 *jgb80-02-17d1t3.shn
0f4ff7104f1eff7ee1a29d4aaf0210b7 *jgb80-02-17d1t2.shn

Date User Comment
05/18/2002 Andy Gustin d3t2 is a corrupt SHN. Thanks to Mark Goldey for bringing this to my attention. I have re-encoded and replaced the offending track. The new signature for d3t2 will be entered above shortly. It is:
9bf9e76e73ff4e47f315c8da728026fe *jgb80-02-17d3t2-fixed.shn
05/18/2002 Joe Jupille The md5 file has been updated, and I have made note of the original d3t2 md5 in the info file.
07/30/2002 Willy I have the 'corrupt' d3t02. What does that mean exactly? It seems to decompress and play fine for me! Thanks for any direction.

06/05/2004 Chris L. Source info for this recording is updated.

MAC(taped by Keith Gatto Nak 300s>Sony TC-D5)>DAT>CD>WAV>SHN.
06/13/2004 Andy L. There should be another cass. before the DAT: Keith Gatto's FOB MAC Nak 300 mics>Sony D5>Cass.>DAT>CDR
12/13/2006 Tabasco59 I was at this show. The word was it was almost cancelled as Kahn had a serious temperature. I'd love to hear it as from what I remember it wasn't too good. It was as if the band was running on inertia and that's about it. It was like Jerry was going up and down the scales and there wasn't much energy.
09/26/2009 winterland121072 Quite the contrary tabasco59, in my opinion, 17 Feb 1980 may be the finest show from the tour...
08/02/2010 Eyes113073 After 2/2/80 and 2/12/80 and 3/8/80, perhaps.
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