Merl Saunders 10/01/90
The Turning Point, Piermont, NY
Source # 91035
Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums d1
Disc Counts 1 / 1
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431d478e6da334bd8567bf2b292167d3 *merl 10-01-90 d1t1.shn
bfdc69329212dd72399400378c1f85af *merl 10-01-90 d1t2.shn
1a0fe449386736795c13f39269c43b61 *merl 10-01-90 d1t3.shn
cd87c0a8d9f6c8ab1dd2822e18d15ead *merl 10-01-90 d1t4.shn
d937ce750b7278136aff9b1961d7c97f *merl 10-01-90 d1t5.shn
1b860a33e55672fd23bc959c8b447e60 *merl 10-01-90 d1t6.shn
b934575703f0209fb255cf6c699da022 *merl 10-01-90 d1t7.shn
f1599771cd472091d572d0d69ce34f20 *merl 10-01-90 d1t8.shn
005f64664b0aa6f286ae680751d8b625 *merl 10-01-90 d1t9.shn
c3f97f3d96edbce686a56acc60fbf980 *merl 10-01-90 d1t10.shn
5f6868c13c627ecdc16131780dcc53c2 *merl 10-01-90 d2t1.shn
f09dc03b383beca3fea9b4e33a425132 *merl 10-01-90 d2t2.shn
ef780f8ec6c650dd4ee06dfdd4c51dd4 *merl 10-01-90 d2t3.shn

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