The Octave Below 04/01/08
The Funhouse, Bethlehem, PA
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(2)AKG C414B XLS (omni)>Sound Devices 744t(recorded at 24/48)>Wavelab 5(Normalize, Fades, UV22HR dither to 16/44.1) Recorded By Keith Litzenberger

The Octave Below & Blacklight Alley
The Funhouse
Bethlehem, PA
April 1, 2008

(2)AKG C414B XLS (omni)>Sound Devices 744t(recorded at 96/48)>Wavelab 5(Normalize, Fades, UV22HR dither to 16/44.1)

Recorded By Keith Litzenberger

1st Set:

Mess Call*
Jim's Song
Surrender Control
Dear Drummer
The Spotlight
Funky London
Admiring People You Will Never Meet

2nd Set:

The Reason
Anjo's Mojo

Peter Fritz - Bass
John Kimock - Drums
Angelo Miraglia - Keyboards
Jim Kost - Keyboards
*Paul Thiessen - Guitar
Jon Fadem - Guitar (set 2)


Aaron Polli - Guitar
Matt Hallacker - Bass


Peter Fritz - Keyboards
John Morgan Kimock - Drums
Jim Kost - Keyboards  

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847efbbf0e2e41e494a11a09e46121b0 *blacklightalley2008-04-01t04.flac
1b259c7d7ccf6783a4a8f8d5de105cb2 *BLATHOB2008-04-01.txt
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ce38672dd8a8731314059d8dca873c4f *thob2008-04-01d2t03.flac

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