Garcia 02/29/80
Calderone Theatre, Hempstead, NY
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Entered by Joe Jupille
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Jerry Garcia Band: Late Show: pre-FM sdb>>cassette master>>cdr
Jerry Garcia Band
Calderone Theater; Hempstead, NY
2/29/80 Late Show

pre-FM sdb>>cassette master>>cdr

01 How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You
02 When I Paint My Masterpiece
03 Russian Lullaby
04 The Harder They Come

01 Tiger Rose*
02 Promontory Rider*
03 Dear Prudence
04 Midnight Moonlight

* With Robert Hunter

seeded by michael lai
thanks to peter hedeman for the seed

Pre-FM feed from WLIR-FM recording truck
All stage mics wired to air mix soundboard in recording truck to
Maxell XLII cassette (no dolby) on a (then brand spankin' new)
Nakamichi 550 cassette machine.

To computer (23 years later) via:
cr7a Nakamichi cassette (with azmuth adjust) to SBM1 Sony Super
Bit Mapper A>D converter to digi in on Linx-one studio card (spdif).
Recorded in Soundforge and mastered with  CD architect to CD to SHN.

My cassettes have held up over the years better than the
master reels of these shows.
The master 1/4" reels (recorded on Ampex 456 grand master tape)
would need to be literally "baked" in order to squeeze out one
final play as the oxide flakes off the tape!
7f1f2e6596c3506b4299118e5541828a *jgb80-02-29d1t101.shn
baa140607a9c9db50c87e089559a90b3 *jgb80-02-29d1t102.shn
8c49c1d958f7a4b4087323f83b5afd94 *jgb80-02-29d1t103.shn
56d6e17dc8bdc01b70bec42cac65ae6c *jgb80-02-29d1t104.shn
e670a44b33eae0e97644952227f1b5f5 *jgb80-02-29d2t201.shn
4af3ac2de7ab10ef864117af2cc8e645 *jgb80-02-29d2t202.shn
77e80dd5cc58c25589c947afb015ae68 *jgb80-02-29d2t203.shn
97b8c52cb1323e4df6c44abe7c8b378e *jgb80-02-29d2t204.shn

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Date User Comment
08/10/2003 charley Does anybody know there was a early show with a kick ass Mission
My tape fades at the beggining but I have it
I'm looking for the dead 8-11-80 Anyone?
08/11/2003 Joe Jupille This is not the right place to grovel for a GD show. There seem to be a fair number of ISO's in the General Messageboard, or try the ISO page of the etree forums.

In terms of an early show, there does appear to have been a JGB show on this date with Mission played. You need to look for these things yourself by querying the database from the main page.
10/07/2004 Diana This shn set has now been moved to its correct gig.
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